Coming together

Coming together

: Bush has appointed his father and Bill Clinton to lead a private fundraising effort for tsunami relief. This begins to make up for the foolish move the White House made attacking Clinton for expressing his sympathy for the victims when tragedy struck.

  • dick

    Maybe it is also a testament to the fact that Clinton with all his friends with money has done nothing to reach out to them to donate. Now he will have to start dialing.

  • After a week’s vacation, that’s all he could come up with? American corporations and individuals have been quite good at raising the $ without any pol’s help. Keep it non-partisan. I’m sure there’s a need to coordinate the outpouring ala 9/11 but we don’t need dad or bubba for that.

  • bee

    The devolution of a disaster: Shock at the news, trying to comprehend the increasing scope of the human tragedy, the caviling over who will be the better responder. Tsunami, tsunami, boloney.

  • anon

    President Bush said and did nothing re. the tsunami for four days until somebody in the star chamber finally pointed out to him that the disaster has affected a huge Islamic population in Indonesia. Whoops! Now the U.S. can’t get aid to South Asia fast enough. This administration does *nothing* without political motivation. GHWB couldn’t stop drawing attention to this fact during his ackward appearances with Clinton yesterday–he would make a political case for U.S. disaster aid and then quickly backtrack by saying “but of course, we’re doing this because it’s the right thing to do.”

  • lady c

    The 2 former Prez show is a good move, because they will be able to keep the story in front of the public in the months to come with occasional PSAs and a fund-raising event or letter here and there. The challenge to disasters like the tsunami is to maintain attention after the first response dies down.
    As for the misguided smackdown of Clinton from the WH, it’s once again just so “bush league.” These folks just keep bringing a whole new meaning to the term.