Turning the world into podcasts

Turning the world into podcasts

: Thanks to the link from Instapundit, I just downloaded BlogMatrix Sparks “to record streaming Internet radio programs and download podcasts and store them in your media player (iTunes or Windows Media Player). Sparks! uses an interactive directory of radio stations and podcasts to help you find content.”

There is no documentation yet but it’s quite cool. I’m using it to record my appearances on Air America’s Morning Sedition

In fact, I now see that David Janes, creator of Sparks, is the nice guy who recorded my last appearance on Morning Sedition.

  • A couple of weeks ago I met Ted Gilchrist at the BloggerCon party at the Hong Kong in Harvard Square. We were discussing Podcasts, and I said what I wanted was an automatic way of turning my written posts into podcasts. Ted had the solution and is now making all my new blog entries available for listening! It’s robotic, but it’s available.

  • anony

    Could you host those recordings? In my neck of the woods, they don’t air morning sedition, they have a local dj (Charles Goyette).

  • Air America streams on the web at airamericaradio.com

  • anony: look at audio.weblogs.com, Air America is putting them out as MP3s. AirAmericaPlace.com also has them.
    I use iPodder to snag my audio subscriptions and tuck them into the MP3 player. It has very complete documentation — I know because I wrote it :).
    Here’s the doc and links to iPodder:
    There’s also Podcast Alley, podcast.net and iPodder.org to help you browse for new stuff to listen to.

  • David, the “robot books” speech to text thing is amazing, isn’t it? Joi Ito has been having his entries automatically turned into audio this way for a few months.

  • Oops, I forgot to say this:
    iPodder is an “audio aggregator.” It scans RSS feeds for MP3s and tucks them into iTunes. When I connect my iPod to my PC, it puts all sorts of fresh content on it — Air America shows, some NPR shows that are putting out RSS feeds with audio, and, best of all, homebrewed radio programs available nowhere else.
    You don’t need to have an iPod or any portable MP3 player to use iPodder — you can always just have iPodder scan your subscriptions and download the MP3s onto your computer and listen to them that way. But it’s magical to take some of the control you have over your media environment when you are sitting at your computer and be able to get up and take it with you.