Consumer-driven advertising

Consumer-driven advertising

: In a piece for Technology Review, John Battelle translates the weblog discussion on sell-side advertising started by Ross Mayfield and picked up by Battelle here (I joined in here). Battelle changes the name to publisher-driven advertising but I don’t think I like that because it doesn’t go far enough.

What we really want — the endgame — is consumer-driven advertising.

Says John:

Ideally, commercial media would consist of equal partnerships between three parties: publishers, the audience, and advertisers. In reality, advertisers, the group with the most money, hold all the cards. Publishers have been relegated to the role of supplicant, and the audience

  • Mr. Jarvis- I wonder how you think McLuhan’s ‘mechanical bride’ will evolve into the future, or what part you think the idea plays in Internet advertising.

  • Brian H

    How to intro new ideas to people under this model? I’m not that active a consumer, but there are plenty of times when my interest in a new class of products has been stimulated by a particular ad.