Whoever takes this job: Think podcasts!

Whoever takes this job: Think podcasts!

: PaidContent tells us that Audible is hiring an online editorial director.

This person, whoever it ends up being, should think podcasting.

I’ve had problems in the past with Audible but I also recanted now that I have it working and I listen to This American Life and books. I’ve been impressed how Audible quickly puts up news events, like the conventions and 9/11 Commission hearings. I’m about to start downloading stuff from Audible.de to work on my German.

My complaint with Audible has been that there still isn’t enough content. Enter podcasts. They could provide tons of good content and Audible could encourage the best. But I will suggest that they don’t put out everything in the Audible format: Put out MP3s as well and let the people distribute them freely and every one will be a promotion for Audible.

  • Jeff,
    I read your post about Podcasting on my Podcast today. You are right about the need for Audible to take up podcasting. But so should you! You led the video blogging trend in 2002. Pick up a microphone and let us hear your passion.
    As a second best, listen to my ten minute a day program reading from the top political blogs in my podcast, if you get a minute.
    Load up your iPod or MP3 player and go for a walk!

  • Jeff, you know about the audibleblog with podcast?
    Not much, but something to work on your german for free. :o)