It can happen to anyone, even you

It can happen to anyone, even you

: The murder of Dutch filmmaker Van Gogh by Islamic terrorists means one thing:

It can happen to you.

Salman Rushdie lived under the threat of murder. Now the threat is real.

It can happen to an author… or a filmmaker… or anyone who dares to offend.

: Andrew Sullivan points to a very good Dutch blog with regular updates.

: Here is the text of the frightening and disgusting note left on Van Gogh’s body.

: A commenter below says the Dutch want a Patriot Act of their own. I don’t blame them.

: Here is the site Van Gogh edited: De Gozonda Roker.

: Van Gogh put up wonderful vlogs — daily video logs. Watch Supercool here.

: Here, you can send condolences.

: I don’ t know whether this is right and I don’t know whether I figured out the Dutch correctly, but this forum dedicated to assassinated Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn says that Van Gogh was murdered 911 days after Fortuyn. It also says that as 911 is our emergency number and the mass murder occurred here on 9/11, in Holland the emergency number is 112 and this murder occurred on 11/2. More here (all in Dutch).