Ding-dong, the witch is dead

Ding-dong, the witch is dead

: No, I don’t mean Arafat. There were reports that he’d died just now on Israeli TV but the French hospital denies it.

No, I mean that Fox reports that John Ashcroft is going to resign. Oh, please!

CNN also says Colin Powell is going to quit.

Both those political reports from Command-Post.

: Somebody in the comments complains that I can’t complain about Ashcroft because that violates my pledge. Ridiculous. I reply:

That doesn’t mean I can’t (a) retain a sense of humor and (b) retain an opinion. I have consistently disliked the choice of Ashcroft and his job in office and you know what I’m doing here: I’m celebrating the wisdom of George Bush for apparently getting rid of him! I’ll take that as a hand of peace offered from Bush. Good for you, George!

Oh, or perhaps I misunderstand: Were you defending Arafat?

: Another comment — as well as talk on FoxNews right now — raises a nomination I made back in 2001: Rudy Guiliani for AG! That’s who I wanted from the first. But as someone said in radio yesterday, if Guliani plans to run for President or another office, why should he take a cabinet post where something can get him into hot political and media water. Still, I hope he gets the job. That or head of Homeland Security.