Early poll report from New Jersey

Early poll report from New Jersey

: Out my way, in GOPland, the polls were empty. I mean, empty. I’ve never seen them this sparse at this hour of the morning. And because I’m an idiot (and my wife threw out the sample ballots) I went to the wrong polling place and saw the same situation at both. One district had a handful of people. The others had nobody.

I don’t know what that means. Could it be that Republican turnout will be low?

: Megan reports on Instapundit that her New York polls were packed.

Fred Wilson also reports crowds in New York.

: By the way, what would have happened if all those people who waited for two to five hours in line in Florida had all showed up to vote today?

: ADD YOUR REPORT… Lots more dispatches from polls here and there in the comments. Keep ’em coming.