Happy holidays

Happy holidays

ramadan.jpg: It probably shouldn’t have, but I have to say that seeing this billboard on I-78 on the way into work gave me a start. On the one hand, yeah, sure, it’s a sign of our multifaceted culture, our chunky stew, our steaming melting pot that we have a Ramadan billboard on the way to Newark airport. But then again, as unPC as this is to say, it is also a reminder that many who plotted the attacks on America live right here in New Jersey; the terrorists are our neighbors. Of course, I’m not saying that Muslims are terrorists. But terrorists are Muslims these days and they launched their attack on 9/11 only a stone’s throw from this billboard. And seeing this, I wondered what would happen if somebody put up a “Holy Easter” or “Blessed Passover” billboard in Baghdad or Riyad or Tehran or…. You get the idea. I suppose what I should do is look at this billboard and be thankful for living in this open, welcoming, tolerant, modern, protective, wise place and not in any of those….

  • dd

    the melting pot

  • Drew W

    Excerpts from Ramadan messages written for the Al-Qa’ida online magazine Sawt Al-Jihad, translated by MEMRI and posted last week:
    Sheikh Aamer Bin Abdallah Al-Aamer: “Men of Jihad, this is your festive season since Jihad, in a state of fasting, has a particularly delectable taste for the believers, especially [when together] with the dignity of the month of Ramadan. How wonderful it is to delight in the breaking of the fast and to taste the killing of infidels, to delight in the sound of the wailing of tyrants and lowly degenerates, and [in the sound of] the voices of the wicked [i.e., Arab leaders] on the television stations

  • jfk

    Come now, Mr. Jarvis. Do you actually think ‘Holy Easter’ or ‘Blessed Passover’ would be any more welcome in the US than in Riyad? The ACLU and Freedom From Religion zealots would have restraining orders up before you could do a double-take.

  • I agree with Jeff. Its time to create internment camps for Muslims. God knows any one of them could be another terrorist. Forget the fact that in 2002 the Tamil Tigers constituted 168 terrorist attacks, whereas all the “muslim” groups together accounted for no more then 105 according to a study by the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism and later confirmed by the Christian Science Monitor.
    Blanketed in your praise for our values, is becoming ever evident the semblance of that fear and paranoia, coupled with racial and religious sterotypes that led this country to commit some of its greatest human rights atrocities, including the internment of Japanese during the second World War.

  • JFK, not to let reality intrude on your paranoid fantasy, but religious billboards with a Christian message are legal and common in the US.

  • jm

    Jeff, have you gone off the rails, man? Are you saying the USA is the equivalent of a closed, dictatorial theocracy comparable to Riyadh? or Tehran? Are you saying you are disturbed by this billboard? That Real Americans have a right to be enraged by it? That maybe we should take our aggression out on these filthy Muslims who lurk among us? Please elaborate.

  • Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were not Muslims, and there’s been no evidence whatsoever that the anthrax scare was Muslim-related. Terrorists come in all shapes and sizes. You’re just not being fair or objective on this one, Jeff.

  • Michael

    It’s not unPC – its racist. There are millions of people whose faith is Islam in metro NY – most are Arab – perhaps some are terrorists. There are also millions of people whose faith is Catholicism – many are Irish – perahps some are (IRA) terrorists. That doesn’t mean that every Muslim or Catholic who lives in your neighborhood is a terrorist. The fact that a sign celebrating the Muslim faith compells you to warn us that terrorists live “right here in New Jersey” and that “terrorists are our neighbors” is extremely, extremely sad. Perhaps Fox, NPR, CNBC, CNN should think twice about asking someone with such thoughts from appearing on their show as an example of the rational thought that exists in the blogosphere.

  • Max

    Yes, veering into Un-PC land, but lets remember, when US Forces were defending Saudia Arabia we had to worship in hiding, women had to cover themselves ala quasi-burka, etc. And we were there defending them against Saddam.
    If the tables were turned on any of these muslim country ala 9-11, do you think they would have reacted with the calm we did? Or do you think there would have been lynchings etc? Not to put words or thoughts in JJ’s head, but I think that was the point.

  • Guy

    The PC police are upon you JJ, flee, flee their unwavering gaze of rightous indignation & slightly raised eyebrows!
    I can see it now… A “Jesus is the reason for the Season” billboard in downtown Riyad,Tehran,or maybe Damascus even. Actually, probably not. Somebody would call that Cultural Imperialism(tm) & it won’t do.
    Well, as everybody knows this is the melting pot & everybody’s entitled to their beliefs & the freedom to express them in this country, unlike most of the one’s the moral equivalance brigade tries to equate us with.
    Tamil Tigers aren’t exactly the terrorists the world is worried about, and the Timothy McVeighs of the world are only slightly less marginalized than NAMBLA.
    The violent terrorists who also happen to be Muslims need to be just as marginalized, but they are not from all the comments rationalizing their oppressed victim mentality I’ve seen in so many places.
    Let’s face it. Before 9/11 Islam as a religion & Muslims as a group of people were rarely if ever thought of one way or another here in the US. Basically it was out of sight, out of mind, who cares, whatever.
    9/11 served as an introduction to the Muslim religion simply because it was a MAJOR event & some Muslims were the perpetrators, and then they used the religion to justify it. Not exactly the best introduction into the popular consiousness one could hope for. That in itself is an atrocity more real & relavant right now than any 60 year old admitted & apologized for US mistake.
    A guy who has a somewhat uncomfortable gut reaction when seeing a sudden reminder of a religion that was suddenly introduced during the aftermath of an attempt to kill him & then used to justify an attempt to kill him (& then self-corrects), is hardly reacting in the unnatural racist manner that PC Police Commisioner ‘Micheal’ is trying to pin on him.

  • Kat

    Michael–Cnn,CNBC, etc. have no qualms inviting muslim terrorists like Elmasry, CAIR terrorist leaders, and other goons who preach that jihad crap, so asking an anti-terrorist just provides a bit of balance. Real racism is killing people and beheading them because they think allah sucks.

  • About the terrorists next door:
    Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, who was convicted in 1995 along with nine followers of conspiring to bomb the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan and several other buildings, bridges and tunnels in New York preached at the Al Salam mosque in Jersey City.
    Prosecutors also said Abdel Rahman had galvanized his followers to carry out the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which killed six and wounded 1,000.
    His lawyer, Lynne Stewart, was arrested and is currently being tried for aiding and abetting terrorism. Of 9/11, Stewart said:
    “I’m pretty inured to the notion that in a war or in an armed struggle, people die. They’re in the wrong place, they’re in a nightclub in Israel, they’re at a stock market in London, they’re in the Algerian outback — whatever it is, people die…So I have a lot of trouble figuring out why that is wrong, especially when people are sort of placed in a position of having no other way.
    More about terrorists in New Jersey..
    In Berkeley, CA, Abdel Malik Ali, an imam affiliated with Oakland’s Masjid Al Islam mosque, outlined his plans for the Islamist takeover of America:
    “the recipe for how we come to power: From an Islamic movement we graduate to an Islamic revolution, then to an Islamic state.”
    “Allahu akbar,” came a chorus.
    “We must be in power,” Ali continued coolly. He rounded up his lecture by promising that “when it’s all over, the only one standing is gonna be us.”
    “Allahu akbar.”
    “We ain’t gonna lose. We must implement Islam as a totality,” in which “Allah controls every place — the home, the classroom, the science lab, the halls of Congress.”

    Near Chicago, there’s the Bridgeview Mosque:
    The mosque now attracts thousands of worshipers–most of them Palestinian-Americans–by offering pro-Palestinian sermons, a spiritual refuge and a strict version of Islam. The ultraconservative Saudi Arabian government partially pays the salary of prayer leader Sheik Jamal.
    Moderate Muslims still pray at the mosque, but some say conservatives have created an environment that is overly political, too rigid in its interpretation of Islam and resistant to open debate. These members also worry that the Muslim Brotherhood, a controversial group with a violent past, has an undue influence over the mosque. Despite these concerns, the critics largely remain silent, fearful of being called “unIslamic” by mosque leaders.”
    And, speaking of the Muslim Brotherhood, they run a Muslim Outreach organization that operates in high schools and colleges around the country called the Muslim American Society
    80% of all mosques in America are Saudi Wahhabi funded. According to the Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Terrorism in the United States, in their report “Subversion From Within: Saudi Funding of Islamic Extremist Groups Undermining US Interests and the War on Terror from within the United States” Muslim special interest groups like CAIR and ISNA are also Saudi-funded.

  • Keith

    Ah… racism. Just when I start to think that the world is kind of an okay place I come across something like this.

  • Kat

    Well, Keith, 70,000 Sudanese are dead, and not because the world is an OK place, but because of racist Muslim Arabs. Racism is alive and well–it triumphed on 911–those infidels really piss off the racists. They dare to say piss on allah.

  • Keith – If you want to understand the racism that Saudi Wahhabis are spreading around the world, see this article, featuring man-on-the street interviews with ordinary Saudis:
    Interviewer: ‘Would You, as a Human Being, be Willing to Shake Hands with a Jew?’
    – No. Because the Jews are eternal enemies. The murderous Jews violate all agreements. I can’t shake hands with someone who I know is full of hatred towards me.”
    Would you refuse to shake hands with a Jew?
    “Of course, so I wouldn’t have to consider amputating my hand afterwards.”
    If a Child Asks You Who ‘Who are the Jews,’ What Would You Answer
    The enemies of Allah and His Prophet.”

  • And slowly the racists come out and point to isolated circumstances in order to blame a community of over a billion.

  • Only a small percentage of Muslims are Wahhabis. But all terrorism can be traced to Wahhabi influence.
    ‘Terrorism’ includes the current attacks against Buddhists by Muslim extremists in Thailand, the attacks against Russian children in Beslan and the attacks against Muslims in Iraq. If we object to this, are we ‘racists?’
    Why is the discussion of the current Wahhabi-funded worldwide jihad considered by some to be ‘racism’?
    Were the Rwandans who objected to hate radio ‘racists?’

  • Kat

    Isolated, my ass–there is not a country on earth free from islamofascism. There is not a day goes by that someone is not killed or tortured to please allah. Not ONE day!

  • Michael

    “But all terrorism can be traced to Wahhabi influence.”
    Please trace for me the Wahhabi influence in the Oklahoma City bombing, or the terrorism in Northern Ireland, or in Columbia.

  • This is true. All Islamist terrorism can be related to Wahhabi influence.
    From MetaReligion:
    “Wahhabi theology and jurisprudence is based respectively on the teachings of Ibn Taymiyah and on the legal school of Ahmad ibn Hanbal; they stress literal belief in the Quran and Hadith and the establishment of a Muslim state based solely on Islamic law. The contemporary Wahhabi movement is flourishing in every Muslim country. In Lebanon alone, the movement is estimated by officials to have about 4,000 members; it is far larger in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. It goes by many names, including Ikhwan, Salifiyya, Mowahabin, and the best known, Taliban. Anti-Wahhabi Muslims refer to Wahhabism as fitna an Najdiyyah or “the trouble out of Nejd.” Wahhabis receive financial support at the highest levels of the Saudi Arabian government. Wahhabi religious schools, known as madrassas , are part of a worldwide network of Muslim extremists. Beginning at ages 7-15, Wahhabi schools indoctrinate young men into the fundamentals of strict Islam, religious obligations, and radical militancy. Between the ages of 15-25, the young men are prepared for jihad and are trained to fight for the conquest of Wahhabi Islam..
    ..The violence inflicted because of Deobandi and Wahhabi religious ideology has been substantial. Among the thousands of discussions of Islamic fundamentalism since September 11, one statement sums up the religious connection: “Not all Muslims are suicide bombers, but all Muslim suicide bombers are Wahhabis.” There is no debating the violence that this belief system has inspired and continues to inspire.”

  • Renfro

    Well let’s see…should we have the pilgrams burn Mary the witch at the stake or have the muslims behead her?..choices,choices…to each nutcase their own.
    Should Britian bulldoz down all the Israeli homes to drain the jewish terrorist swamp for the Jews dressing up and pretending to be Arabs 40 years ago when they blew up the King David Hotel, killing 41 people?
    Or how about if the Japs inter all Americans in Japan because they never know which ones might be planning to drop another bomb and french fry 500,000 civilian women and children again.
    what an idiot.

  • Renfro

    Well let’s see…should we have the pilgrams burn Mary the witch at the stake or have the muslims behead her?..choices,choices…to each nutcase their own.
    Should Britian bulldoz down all the Israeli homes to drain the jewish terrorist swamp for the Jews dressing up and pretending to be Arabs 40 years ago when they blew up the King David Hotel, killing 41 people?
    Or how about if the Japs inter all Americans in Japan because they never know which ones might be planning to drop another bomb and french fry 500,000 civilian women and children again.
    what an idiot.

  • Kat

    Or should we just keep excusing muslim terror like good leftists and look elsewhere. The Commies only killed 200 million while we looked the other way and hitler 20 million or so. And only 70 thousand in Sudan today. But genocide is peacefuler than war, I guess.

  • Well let’s see…should we have the pilgrams burn Mary the witch at the stake or have the muslims behead her?..choices,choices…to each nutcase their own.
    Renfro (not Brad, I assume) – The information about the Wahhabist influence on the US is based on information provided by the US government investigations, the Chicago Times and the New York Times.
    Obviously you have no respect for these sources, and you don’t like the facts that they provide. Do you you have any plans to behead or burn these reporters and senators?
    Why don’t you tell us more about yourself? You obviously have plenty of opinons to share. But please, try not to post the same thing twice…

  • anonymous coward

    i wouldn’t doubt that most americans don’t even know what Ramadan is….