Pushing that evelope

Pushing that evelope

: Ana Marie Cox was just on FoxNews (again) and anchor David Asman asked her what’s hot on Wonkette today. Dangerous, Dave. She came back and said she quite liked a headline on CNN this morning: “Clinton pumps base from the stump.” Sly, evil grin. Nervous sweat.

  • Angus Jung


  • Michael

    So, why does the mainstream media have a blogger appear on television to tell them what’s on her blog? Sounds like a bit on Entertainment Tonight asking a reporter what the day’s gossip is.

  • joy

    Am I to believe that the folks at FoxNews would be shocked that she would use the easy double entendre?
    I don’t think so. You bring a one trick pony in, what else are you to expect?

  • At least she avoided repeated use of his last name, i.e. “I agree with you Mr. Assman”
    AMC is somewhat pleasing to the eye, as opposed to some other bloggers the networks trot out. How does that saying go? “He has a face for radio”

  • Mumblix Grumph

    Wow, Wonkette is just SO fascinating I can’t STAND IT!

  • ronbo

    By the way, does CNN have conservative bloggers on much?