On TV and radio

On TV and radio

: I will be on CNBC’s Capitol Report tonight at 7 pm ET to talk about the Jon Stewart/CNN phenom. I will not wear a bowtie.

: Also making a return appearance on Brian Lehrer’s show on WNYC Wednesday at 11a; same topic.

  • sbw

    Jeff, on CNBC, please distinguish for the viewers that Stewart’s show is neither “fake news” nor real news; it is legitimate commentary.
    To be most entertaining, it requires background knowledge so viewers should be sure to get their news elsewhere beforehand.

  • Why do people not like bow ties? I’m impressed with anyone who can tie one and make it look decent. Is it just that people think it’s elitist? Or junvenile? Is it anymore immature than a 40 year-old man who gets his ear pierced?

  • Perhaps you can convince them to post an mp3 (since it is just taking heads) or video so those of us without cable can see it.

  • Walter E. Wallis

    I downloaded the video. I was not impressed. It was a waste of bandwidth. I miss the old Saturday Night Live.

  • Well, I wrote about this a bit yesterday, and my point was that media types who dismiss the show as “fake news” miss the attraction of the show.
    And, FWIW, Comedy Central is now saying that Drudge is wrong (go figure) about The Daily Show’s September ratings. They did NOT drop.

  • Good Lord do they have short attention spans. How short was that segment? I can’t imagine how much prep time there is for your two minute segment where you get to answer two questions.

  • Yeah, I think wearing a bowtie auto-labels you a Republican, just b/c of that guy on Crossfire. Anyway, let me know if your show has a URL to the clip so I can catch it after the fact.

  • lcreekmo

    I know two people who wear bowties [in real life, not on TV] and both are Democrats, FWIW, which is not much.
    Stewart’s show is incredible, often biting, commentary [against all sides of the political process, the media and anyone else who wields power in our society] but would lose a significant amount of its effect if it acknowledged its purpose openly.