: Interesting moment on the Beeb last night (besides the host getting my URL wrong twice and my correcting him twice — say anything you want about me, mate, but make sure you spell the address right!): Iraq came up and I pointed to Iraqi blogs to remind listeners that this is about people, about people trying to be safe and to run their country and run their lives and we lose sight of that in an election. The host tried to turn it around as a slam on the Bush administration, saying they forgot this. No, I said, everyone has forgotten this: both sides in the election and certainly news media, too.

  • pele

    Jeff, what was the program you were on. We can go to the excellent BBC website and listen to it for up to one week.

  • Glyn

    Greetings from Belfast.
    Hi, you have an interesting site – obviously, I haven’t seen most of it yet but it looks impressive and well-argued and I’ll certainly be back.
    But you’re a tad unfair about the BBC host mangling your address, because after you rang off he repeated it again correctly, which is how I heard it!
    For Pele’s information, this was Rhod Sharp, the Scottish host of the BBC Radio 5 programme “Through the Night” from 1 – 5 am British time (8-12 EST?), and this week it is being broadcast from the USA, but as it’s a rolling news programme I doubt if it will be recorded.
    Unfortunately I missed the first bit of your interview – why were you on?

  • “The host tried to turn it around as a slam on the Bush administration, saying they forgot this.”
    The BBC hasn’t changed much, has it?

  • The BBC, like the “We are so so Sorry for the invasion” folk, totally and utterly forget the suffering of the Iraq people under Saddam.
    Almost as much as the Black Muslims suffering genocide in Darfur.
    What is REALLY being undernoted is the need for Iraqis to fight, and die, and kill — for their own freedom. The only new ally America needs is a better, and less corrupt, Iraqi Police.
    Iraq at a glance has a couple posts up: one on a couple of doctors just recently beheaded. One on the IP accepting bribes to get visas. Nobody knows how to stop either one.
    But it has to be Iraqis, doing the stopping.