Iraq is about people

Iraq is about people

: In this election, we are treating the people of Iraq like pawns, not unlike Dick Cheney’s daughter being used by both sides, except that her life isn’t at constant risk. All the talk is about WMDs and mistakes and foreign alliances and none of it is about people yearning to live free. It’s too easy to forget that the people of Iraq are living with terror as they also live with hope for a new nation; it’s too easy to ignore them… until you read their words. I have been remiss not reading their words enough lately.

So read Zeyad living with the loss of his friends to the terrorists:

Another acquaintance, a doctor called Zeyad Walid, was found decapitated in Yusifiya, southwest of Baghdad. He worked with a pharmacist, Zena Al-Qashtini, who was also found shot in the head. They were both kidnapped from a pharmacy in Harthiya by 10 armed assailants a few weeks ago at mid-day in front of a large crowd of customers. His brother abroad collected a ransom thinking he was kidnapped by petty criminals. Turns out that the pharmacy had previously sold some pharmaceuticals to the US army and this was their punishment for ‘collaboration’….

Now read Ali about the terrorists’ threats and the citizens’ bravery facing them:

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