Spiers takes over media

Spiers takes over media

: I had coffee yesterday with Elizabeth Spiers, the new editor-in-chief of MediaBistro.com.

It’s a great move. You know I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth’s through her Gawker and New York lives. She’s scary-smart and imaginative and, shall we say, discriminating. She will bring a new perspective on media and that will put MediaBistro on the map.

I had lunch a few weeks ago with MediaBistro founder Laurel Touby, right as she was planning to start blogs and hire CableNewser (another smart move). She is smart and aggressive and will make the most of this.

So congrats to both. I look forward to what comes next.

  • John Ettorre

    Spiers will put Mediabistro on the map?? Jeff, sometimes you’re so deep into your incestuous little blogging world, the media equivalent of Bush Administration crony capitalism, that you can’t see some obvious things in front of your nose. Most of the industry already knows Mediabistro as already pretty well on the map, more so than its new editor I’m afraid. Do please get out and talk to average folk now and again, and you might learn some things…

  • Franky

    Two name-drops in one post? Man, Spiers herself would be proud of you.

  • Thanks, Jeff. Good seeing you yesterday.
    John — I’m pretty sure Jeff wasn’t slighting mediabistro. I think you may have read too much into that post.

  • works4me

    He probably means besides the job board John, different map.