Was it something I said?

Was it something I said?

: Well, yes, it probably was…. Glenn Reynolds is in the neighborhood and he doesn’t even call. Don’t leave without having some paella, Glenn.

  • No, nothing you said. I still love you, Jeff!
    I scheduled this trip w/ my dad’s surgery in mind, so it’s an up-and-back job; I’m heading to the airport shortly.
    In fact, you remain so high in my estimation that you’re one of the few weblogs I’m checking on during this quick between-programs break!

  • mr lawson

    Now you two kiss and make up;-)

  • {hugs}

  • What is the name of that great Spanish place in Downtown Newark? My boss takes me their once a year when I fly into NJ for work.

  • Newark has something other than an airport? Who knew.

  • Gunny

    Psst…I checked over at his blogsite and he was announcing that he was in “the Newark Airport…”
    Do him the kindness of explaining that “the Newark Airport” is akin to saying he was then on his way to “the Washington D.C.”