Taking over the world

Taking over the world

: Google’s desktop search beta is out.

  • Jesse

    Looks like they took the URL down.

  • Hi Jeff,
    It was nice to hang with you at the Web2.0, have dinner, etc. When you gave me your card for a minute I thought maybe you were Hugh McCloud, before I turned it over :) My father got a laugh out of that, apparently you and Hugh have quite different profiles.
    Speaking of Google Desktop, did you try it? What do you think of it archiving/searching chats? There’s an angle.

  • Hey there Jeff:
    I’m enjoying your blog, and your terrific link list.
    I’m a lawyer and video artist from Arlington, VA. You seem to be a conservative, and I’m looking for conservatives with which to discuss the Iraq war. I invite you to check out my web site http://www.hoppervideo.net
    On the site are a couple of short ads that deal with what I consider to be lies told by the Bush administration in the run up to the war.
    I believe all American need to carefully examine the conduct of the Administration in building support for the war, regardless of where one may be in their support or opposition to the war.

  • Anyone use this thing yet? Seems like it’d be fantastic for me here at work, but apparently I need “admin” priveledges. :(
    Wonder if there’s a hack or work-around for that. Probably not though, huh.

  • Jeff, I downloaded the beta and it worked well. No hassles, no problems initiating, I tested it and it does search my computer.
    Mover Mike

  • Barney

    Yep, grabbed it this morning, it indexed while idle (I was away), used it to find an old set of notes (text file) with a phone number, super fast. Sure beats WinXP’s pathetic search, or the other indexers I’ve tried that seem to slow everything down or churn at the HD incessantly.

  • “Looks like they took the URL down.”
    Nope. Worked fine for me. I’m with Barney, this thing is amazingly fast. Makes the XP search look like a horse & buggy. And it’ll find whatever you’ve got. Hell, I’ve got porn I’d completely forgotten about.

  • I trying out Google DS along with Blinkx which Om and others seem to prefer.