Jumping the snark

Jumping the snark

: The NY Sun — if anybody noticed — executes a ham-handed slam of Gawker media, talking to a list of Gawker’s covetous competitors who are, of course, more than happy to nod their heads at the spin the reporter presents: that Gawker has jumped the shark.

But, of course, the real bottom line here is that by thinking that this infant media thing deserves such front-page venom, the Sun is saying that Gawker deserves the attention. Which is to say that it has not jumped the shark. If it had jumped, it wouldn’t deserve all the effort and play.

It’s not easy to snark a snarker.

  • My head’s spinning.
    Jeff, you ever seen “the princess bride” – lol – reading this post I just got the image of the old “poison in the wine conversation”. ;)

  • i hope you aren’t counting me in that group of covetous competitors! i talked to the reporter for about 15 minutes- mostly on nick’s talent for picking writers, talking about how jess was a good writer and just needed time to get up to speed- of course, they only used a quote that came off sounding like criticism. bah- unlike on a blog, there’s no way to clarify things.

  • It should be noted that Gawker (and the rest of Nick’s little empire) is significantly more relevant than the Sun is.
    They should chew on that for a while…

  • Anyone know the Sun’s own readership #? How many reporters/editors/assistants? Square feet rented? Capital squandered? Seems to me those would be fun comparisons to make vs GawkerCorp.

  • Actually, this real New Yorker knew it happened w the word “snarky”