: As of now, I’m skedded to be on CNBC’s Capitol show at 7 p.m. talking about election rage. Mud media.

  • david

    Why don’t you just tell them to watch the Dennis Miller show or run a few clips of loudmouth Chris Matthews. Funny how the mediawhores like to point a finger at the average schwenk and blame us for being uncivil but these heathers in the press are the reason why things have reached this point. They do anything for the ratings/money then they get on their high horse and say tsk tsk “boys and girls try to behave.”

  • Franky

    For someone who regularly complains about old media, you certainly seem unable to say that word of abstinence: no.

  • When’s the last time Dennis Miller shot out the windows of campaign headquarters, or intimidated elderly workers therein? Has Chris Matthews burned any swastikas into the yards of homes with Bush/Cheney signs?
    You know, it’s funny that Jeff didn’t even mention rage on *whose* side… the show might be about right wing rage, mightn’t it? Hmmm? But we know better, don’t we? And we’re going to protest the charge before it’s even made, like the suspect in a bad murder mystery (“aha! you say that you didn’t kill Mrs Moneybags, but how did you know Mrs Moneybags was dead?!!”)

  • fiona

    This president is so hostile toward women,” Edwards told a cheering crowd of 400 at an evening rally. “He’s appointed people to administer the Violence Against Women Act who are opposed to the Violence Against Women Act.” Elizabeth Edwards
    Don’t forget to mention, we have politicians and their wives who feed this rage.

  • Trent

    I caught some of Dennis Miller’s show last night, and once again I was reminded of how *horrible* his show is.
    It’s not even the politics that make it bad, it’s just the dumb, obvious, “see it coming from a mile away” humor.
    I actually used to like Miller. I enjoyed his “Rant” books. He always kicked ass and took names on the Tonight Show. It’s sad to see him go out like this.

  • I used to like Garrison Keillor. But unlike Miller, who has always been political, Keillor has let his work become consumed by hate. It doesn’t matter if he’s liberal or conservative, the loathing he feels for his fellow man now permeates out of a guy who used to tell folksy, humane stories.
    Miller, on the other hand, hasn’t changed his act a bit. He has the same delivery, the same timing, etc, with not an ounce more or less hatred towards his targets. I liked him OK when he was on the left, I like him OK now that he’s on the right. He’s never been the greatest comedian, but left wing objections to him now are terribly transparent. It’s not the quality his detractors object to, it’s the fact that he’s a turncoat.
    So if his “rage” is objectionable now, why was it OK when he was on the left? I ask again, HMMM?

  • FEC may regulate web political activity
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