Democracy is big news, damnit

Democracy is big news, damnit

: We have troubled, questionable, even corrupted elections filled with conflict in Florida and Chicago and New Jersey and all over the United States of friggin’ America. So why should be we the least bit surprised that there are some troubles and conflicts in a nation that has never had democracy and has been ruled by warlords and communists and religious fascists, Afghanistan?

I tried last night to find a positive link to a new story about the Afghan election today. Couldn’t find it. Today, the news isn’t much different. Ohmygod, the ink on the thumbs isn’t indelible! Well, forget it, then, let’s bring back the Taliban. Jeesh.

This is a big deal: Democracy has come to a land and a people for the first time, a land where they were bombing Buddha and hiding women and plotting mass murders against us. This is good news.

Reuters’ headline: Afghan poll mired in turmoil. BBC headline: Afghan vote ends in controversy. Newsweek’s headline: We don’t recognize the results. Washington Post headline: Afghan candidates declare results ‘invalid’. Washington Times: Boycott mars Afghanistan’s first election.

This is more like it: from Australia: Joyous Afghans cast their vote. And go read Instapundit on Afghanistan and see the pictures of democracy’s birth.

This is good news, damnit.