: I’m very excited that I’m headed out at lunch to meet the folks at Indtv, Al Gore’s and Joel Hyatt’s new TV network. More later.

Note that they’re hiring and blogging the process.

  • Ripper

    Faq: “Is this a political channel”
    A: “No”

    Vlog: “no one is getting rich off of this job…”
    Are there any conservative people who want to help make Al rich and don’t want a cut of the action for their family?

  • Jeff – how was your lunch? Who did you meet with at INdTV?

  • yes yes yes —- what did you talk about?
    tell tell tell!
    sorry. i’m very excited about INdTV.
    if I can manage to stop editing Blogumentary for a second, I’m going to apply for one of their “digital correspondent” positions.