Web 2.0: John Doerr

Web 2.0: John Doerr

: John Doerr is interviewed by John Heilemann, who asks about Google, of course. I’m not hearing much fascinating yet. Will blog it if I hear it.

… It’s 20 minutes later now. I haven’t found anything to quote amid parrying over Google without saying anything and some hooha about string theory and parallel universes online….

But he just held up his Treo and I’m probably crazy but it didn’t look the same. Does John Doerr have a Treo 650? I’m not at all sure. But that’s what I want to know.

  • ZF

    I sat through the whole thing waiting for Doerr to say something worth while, but he just meandered and kept producing generalities anyone can read in the Wall Street Journal. Too bad; the preceding speakers were excellent.