Web 2.0: comScore

Web 2.0: comScore

: Gian Fulgoni of comScore is going to run through a lot of new data fast; I’ll get the leave-behind and add data later.

Total users on Internet well over 160 million; growth is abating but broadband growth continues unabated. Some cities are over 50 percent.

Spending on sites will easy top $100 billion in 2004. Growth remains rapid. With travel and auction, is over $150 billion.

Broadband and tenure both increase spending. Broadband by 50 percent.

Categories benefitting: apparel, music, consumer packaged goods, online services. People are spending a lot on high-ticket items.Expensive items can be sold online.

Content spending is increasing, at a rate of $1 billion a year (including personals).

Consumers are getting over their security concerns; online banking and bill paying are growing.

Bandwidth consumption over the year shows an interesting trend: P2P consumption is going down (50 percent of all bandwidth a year ago to 15-20 percent today).

28 percent of searchers account for 68 percent of searches. As searching grows, online buying grows. They looked at brandshare among searches. Heavy searches look at Walmart, Overstock, Cosco, Amazon. The low-cost leaders are on top, they say. (I also see greater breadth of merchandise among these than with Barnes and Noble, HP.com, or LandsEnd.)

They find a direct relationship between web activity and buying activity offline. “Online advertising should be getting a greater share,” he says. Amen.

He also looks at the activity at job sites to predict the government’s employment number.