News judgment

News judgment

: Amazing that WNBC in New York did not run Rudy’s speech last night. This is New York. This is Rudy. And he was great. The ABC affil had football but the CBS and Fox stations had Rudy.

Sorry to say that I wasn’t wowed by McCain.

And otherwise, even Fox wasn’t showing much because, well, conventions are boring and newsless.

: I do wish Rudy would get back on the public stage. He could be the man to fix the FBI; I’ve been pushing for that since the day he left office. He could make a helluva head of Homeland Security, though that’s an even more thankless job.

: UPDATE: Rex Hammock puts it well on McCain: “John McCain is to Republicans what Bill Bradley is to Democrats. Bigger than life. Genuine greatness. But totally lacking the whole speech-making thing.”