: Om Malik gets the scoop on Technorati‘s new financing, reportedly $6.5 million. Good. And congrats! (Now buy some servers or a new architecture that’s reliable! That’s because we depend on you.)

: MORE: Ross Mayfield also announces that he closed a round of financing, adding Pierre Omidyar to his list of illustrious investors. Congrats here, too!

: Omidyar (founder of eBay, in case you’ve just left the cave) also announces on his blog that he has expanded past a foundation to a fund to invest in and support for-profit ventures. I like the philosophy, of course:

To understand why we decided to expand, you have to understand how I look at things like eBay and Meetup.

In talking about eBay over the past few years, I’ve emphasized the way eBay has helped people pursue their individual passions and discover their own power to make good things happen; how they’ve become empowered by participating in an open and honest marketplace, in a level playing field, meeting and working/trading with people who share their interests.

When I first learned about Meetup, I saw much of the same thing at work, though quite different on the surface: people discovering their own power, and connecting with others to realize that power to make good things happen.

Ever since eBay, I’ve been inspired by people discovering their own power, and believed that every individual can make a difference….