What a nice beard

What a nice beard

: John Shabe, NJ.com blogger, shows us alleged NJ gubernatorial himstress Golan Cipel’s alleged girlfriend, “who just happens to be a blonde in a tank top and low-rise jeans who isn’t shy about showing off her large sunglasses.” Go see for yourself

  • Toolbox

    Haha, 10 bucks says it’s his mother.

  • My, what nice sunglasses you have Deary….
    Ummrghh, sorry.
    Yes, you could do a LOT worse than that, but didn’t he????

  • chicago reader

    I just finished a really eloquent take on this topic posted at Salon by Dan Savage about how most people in the US seem to prefer that gay people take advantage of and use unsuspecting straight people and marry them instead of each other. To me, this exposes the hypocriscy of this whole issue as the religious bigotry that it is.

  • crispy

    It’s not his girlfriend, it’s his Mossad handler.

    “McGreevey said he had sex. He did. Golan Cipel says he is not gay. He’s not. They are both right. Mr. Cipel was a junior Mossad case officer, originally posted to New York under official cover. The Mossad is well known for using human sex toys. McGreevey was lured into a relationship that was intended to penetrate New Jersey’s homeland defenses.


  • John

    Jeff, don’t you just know Howard Stern would love to get McGreevey’s wife and Cipel’s girlfriend on his show for a little (ahem) get-together.

  • Safran

    “Himstress”? Wouldn’t a male mistress be a “Misterstress”?

  • paul a’barge

    Take a look at Golan Cipel in this picture. He has swollen lips.
    That proves it. The guy is gay.