It’s not sex. It’s a Mossad plot. Well, of course.

It’s not sex. It’s a Mossad plot. Well, of course.

: A certain well-known columnist joked in email to me the other day that he was convinced Jim McGreevey’s alleged misteress Golan Cipel was actually an Israeli Mossad agent. I chortled and told the famous columnist that if only he had a blog, I’d be linking to him. Of course, I’d add: Heh!

Well, Aljazeera is on the case and they say it was, yup, a Mossad secret plot: Well, naturally. Everything is Israel’s fault, isn’t it?

And here Foreign Policy/Intelligence Columnist Andy Martin uncovers some secrets to this regards, and asserts that McGreevey sex scandal was an Israeli Intelligence operation.

“People have been confused by the McGreevey sex scandal,” says Martin. “But McGreevey’s dilemma is not a gay sex scandal. It is an Israeli intelligence operation gone sour. This is not a scandal about ‘sex.’ It is a scandal about ‘secrets’, Martin says.

“McGreevey said he had sex. He did. Golan Cipel says he is not gay. He’s not. They are both right. Mr. Cipel was a junior Mossad case officer, originally posted to New York under official cover. The Mossad is well known for using human sex toys. McGreevey was lured into a relationship that was intended to penetrate New Jersey’s homeland defenses.

“Since 9/11 there has been barely suppressed anger at the fact Israeli intelligence knew about the hijackers and said nothing. Israelis have found themselves under suspicion and restricted by some intelligence channels. The state homeland security position was seen as a back door way of spying on anti-terror preparations in the New York-New Jersey area, and possibly nationally.

This supposed expert works for a site we’ve never heard of. But that, of course, doesn’t bother Aljazeera.

This is a new one on me: We’d heard that Jews were warned to leave the towers (just blood libel, of course) and now we’re told they knew and didn’t tell. And so this story insists that they happened to find a neighboring in-the-closet gay gov and seduced him to get valuable Jersey intelligence. Clever, those Jews.

: The Israeli connection gets weirder in a Haaretz story. First, they libel Jersey:

Long before Tony Soprano, New Jersey had a bad name, the seemingly negative mirror image of glittering cross-river New York City. It was the place from where Frank Sinatra launched his success, never to return again. Even though it does not lack wealthy suburbs and elegant estates, in the popular imagination New Jersey symbolizes corruption and sleaze. “North Louisiana,” gloated the Wall Street Journal, which hopes to see the Democrats – who claim to struggle for the oppressed and against the fat cats – involved in scandals no less than the Republicans.

Believe me, this is no Louisiana.

And then Haaretz goes off on its own theory regarding the Israeli connection:

Maybe there are some who scoff at the idea of a war between New Jersey and Israel – which is often described as being “about the size of New Jersey” to give Americans an indication of Israel’s size – but there should be no scoffing at how deep the feverish charges of dual loyalty of Israel and Jews can go. Nobody would say that the Greek background of former CIA director George Tenet made him tilt toward the land of his forefathers, neither against Washington nor in the old quarrel between Athens and Ankara. Nobody would suspect the Portuguese backgrounds of Terese Heinz Kerry or Dina Matos McGrevey had them plotting on behalf of Lisbon….

The difference, in one word, is Pollard, and in three words, “I deserve it.” Nearly 19 years after Jonathan Pollard was arrested – a Jew, and in intelligence, and in the navy, and for pay – he continues to symbolize Israeli arrogance. Everyone spies, French on America and vice versa, but only Israel, when it is caught, behaves as if America is the one that should be ashamed because it did not give Israel what Israel deserved to have and forced it to steal….

New Jersey will survive. Jim and Golan might even patch up their relationship. Israel will continue to carry the millstone of double loyalty. When he came out of the closet, McGrevey chose to declare “I am a gay American,” meaning, “I cheated on my wife, the institution of family, myself – but not my country.”

: Meanwhile, the Village Voice sees a Republican conspiracy, of course. Michael Musto clicks:

I’m not buying into theories that the guy (who’s straight, by the way) must be some kind of soign

  • Otter

    So does something like:
    …Republicans, who, led by gaydar-activating Christie Todd Whitman herself…
    even rate notice any more? I don’t expect any better from al-Jazeera but, come to think of it, I don’t expect much better from the Village Voice, either.
    (Incidentally, I probably would have hired a random Israeli over Louis Freeh, too.)

  • Kat

    What I find ironic is how the media is willing to forgive this molesting bastard, McGreevey. He is no different than the predator priests who forced themselves on young teenagers by using their position and power. Cipel was young and was butt f—-d by a stinking predator. Will the judges demand the multi-million payoffs from the state of New Jersey that they do from the Catholic Church when these homosexual priests force themselves on young , impressionable teens. We do know that some 98% of the so called pedophile priests are admitted homosexuals.
    But somehow this guy becomes a hero for being a low down sleazeball. The priests should just hold a news conference and say I had sex with a straight teen and that is my truth because I am gay I should be forgiven and considered brave and get a standing ovation for admitting I am a worm.

  • Franky

    Man, seriously Kat you are just coming apart at the seams. But keep it up, please. Nothing I like watching more than a cyber-breakdown.
    “He is no different than the predator priests who forced themselves on young teenagers by using their position and power. Cipel was young and was butt f—-d by a stinking predator.”
    I’ve noticed with a lot of homophobes that as they’re dicussing their disgust with homos they seem intent on conjuring mental images of what apparently appals them. Strange how they like to linger over those graphic images…..
    But leaving aside Kat’s tastes, let’s move on the “young” part. Cipel is 35. Is this the new call of the “Left Behind Republicans”?
    Raise the age of conset to 35!!!!!
    Ptomely, I look forward to you embracing your comrades in the pro-war faction when they spout off like this.

  • John

    But ya gotta admit, Franky, that Karl Rove’s amazing telekentic mind controlling ability is something to behold. To get McGreevey to appoint Cipel to the $110,000 homeland security job (which equals $1,000 for each floor of the World Trade Center, BTW) is pretty amazing, especially since Karl was at least a couple of states away when it happened.
    I’m just not sure if Rove directly put the idea to hire Cipel in McGreevey’s head, or if he sneakily boosted his sex drive with his mind control wizardry, which then compelled the governor to make the appointment…

  • Cog

    Al Jazeera has been a trainwreck progressively getting worse the last several months. Now ask Ed Cone about other errors made by them during the Abu Gharaib scandal.
    Not to mention a few Al Jazeera reporters have openly professed their desire for jihad, stringers for AJ have routinely had prior knowledge of terrorist attacks against civilians and cooperated with film coverage, an AJ cameraman even filmed a hostage who was threatened with beheading, but the hostage escaped. Ooops.
    I could care less about the Kerry scandals, Al Jazeera and the 3 or 4 other major Arab networks horrible propaganda is the biggest non-story this election cycle. Neither canidate has even addressed the problem.

  • Franky

    Kat, looks like John got an early release from the “center” too……or wait a minute, is this one of your multiple personalities?

  • Kat

    Franky, were you able to afford those meds? My offer to send you a donation still stands.
    Actually by the time he was done getting raises, Cipel was making 150 grand.

  • North Louisiana?
    That’s the best they can come up with?
    And believe me, Louisiana is no NJ.

  • dan

    Jeff’s latest post has confirmed my worst fears: namely, that the whole McGreevey/Cipel soap opera angle can only become more puerile and pointless by the hour.
    McGreevey’s alleged official misdeeds are, to wearily repeat, entirely sex-neutral.
    Fixating on the man’s erotic interests–whether by invitation or not–only advertises one’s leering, FOX NEWSish immaturity regarding…heheheheh…SEX.
    Also: am I alone in suspecting at this point that ‘Kat’ must be a sexually alarmed dude merely posting to this forum in semantic cyberdrag?
    I’ve never met (nor have I yet “f-cked”) an actual woman so cartoonishly mesermized by the aesthetic impications of “butt—king.”

  • Pete Stanley

    I think this is probably the same Andy Martin.

  • Pete Stanley


  • Ptolemy

    Franky, its always a trade-off in life. I voted for Clinton but despise Gore and Kerry. My country comes first. I stand by whomever I have to in order for my nation’s enemies to be defeated. There are people hated for being gay, white, black, religious, etc. That will never change and it would be a waste of time focusing on it. McGreevy is a whore and he is abusing his position by not stepping down when it is a known fact that his being gay is not his real problem at this time. America is a great country and has been very good good to me. I’m not going to pretend otherwise because everything on earth is not as I would like it to be. A philosophy I wish more liberals would embrace.

  • dean

    Why is Kat so sure Cipel was the bottom? My experience with BiMM is that they tend to like to do all the things they can’t do with their wife – and that refers to lots of things. I think it’s great that this situation has everyone saying “the gay part isn’t what’s wrong here”. I agree and I also think it sends a positive message to young gay kids that you don’t have to go up to be a closet case and to young straight kids that get hit on that it’s ok to report it.

  • roux

    North Louisiana?
    Well? It was former Gov. Edwin Edwards that said the only thing that would get him out of office was to be “caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy”.
    Of course he’s in the Federal Pen now.

  • ken

    “Believe me, this is no Louisiana”
    You got that right. Jersey WISHES it were Louisiana. Looziana might have worse education and probably is the same in terms of polution in some areas, but try a simple test anywhere in the country (except Texas).
    “Where you from?”
    “Hey, that’s neat. I’ve always wanted to go there.”
    “Where you from?”
    “New Jersey.”
    “Yeah, you know. Next to New York.”
    “Where the Sopranos takes place.”
    And Jersey’s politics, from what I’m seeing, has been a lot worse than Louisiana’s over the past decade (now that Edwin Edwards is in jail).

  • Vincent

    The latest on l’affaire McGreevey from the fine site See how Jon Corzine is trying to have it both ways, getting an easy path to the governorship without being perceived as in bed with the bosses. Good luck, Jon.
    As for the corrupt McGreevey, I too would like to see him resign — but on Sept. 4, the day after a special election can be called, if only to give the bosses the figurative finger.
    Codey begins to flex muscles as McGreevey holds firm on November resignation date
    August 17 – George E. Norcross III, John Lynch and Robert Menendez want him out now — and there

  • Kim

    My sister-in-law participated in an exchange program in the 80’s with two students from Russia. When they were picked up at Newark airport and looked out at the very industrial North Jersey they said it was just as they saw in their reference books at home. I offered to put them up as I have a loft in NY and a home at the Jersey Shore. They loved NY and when we came to NJ they couldn’t believe they Shore area was still NJ. (we also have big sprawling farms here too)
    Now I expect this because they were from Russia but the comments about being next to NY and the few shots of the sopranos showing Asbury are not all NJ is. The opening shot of the sopranos showing their home is a shot of my friends neighbors home in North Caldwell, NJ. North Caldwell is 65 miles from Bayhead Beach, NJ. Asbury is 25 miles from Bayhead. I can’t even park in front of my own home in the summer due to tourists and the traffic is almost unbearable. People I’ve met at the beach come from all over to vacation here.
    The Haaretz story is very bizarre. In 20 years of owning a home in NJ I have never heard anyone call it North Louisiana. Resurrecting the Jonathan Pollard case as a tie in to an espionage theory is beyond bizarre. Pollard has a website “symbolize Israeli arrogance” “I deserve it” I think they have gone round the bend on this one.

  • Franky

    “That will never change and it would be a waste of time focusing on it.”
    What a depressing vision of life. Throughout history people have fought injustice and at times have overthrown it. How would your vision have effected the civil rights movement? South Africa’s apartheid?

  • Ptolemy

    I didn’t say the effects can’t be changed. I firmly believe in action but you cannot change another’s mind and that is what too many on the left are trying to do either by guilt or force. I know you want a better world. I do too. I’m just very conservative on how this is done. I don’t trust self-appointed reformers (not you specifically just in general). People don’t like the racism they see so they romanticise the Soviet Union. One of the deadliest and cruelist organizations known. People don’t like income inequality so they turn Bin Laden into a crusader of the oppresed (Sen Murray). I’ll take Kat who may dislike me for being gay over Arafat who’s society would behead, castrate, or imprison me for being who I am. Priorities, priorities. I don’t expect you to understand it but there is method to my madness.

  • Ptolemy

    Enough about me. Can a recall be started in time to remove the gov by the people? What do native New Jersey citizens actually think of having the two parties decide their fate?

  • shark

    DO you have to quote Michael Musto? The guy is so gender confused and ashamed of his sexuality that he really shouldn’t be commenting on others…

  • Kat

    Ptolemy–you can be gay to your heart’s content–just don’t use your gayness as an excuse for crime. As long as your partner is willing, who am I to judge. It is the Graham Jameses and Mcgreeveys and the gay priests, who think that their gayness excuses them from decency. I don’t care if you want to hump camels, that’s your business–just don’t hurt others to get your jollies and I’m fine with your gayness or straightness.

  • Vincent

    It’s not the gayness, stupid, it’s the corruption. And the bosses.

  • Kat

    Now, I find the H-word is a crime. Sheesh–I apologize.

  • Ptolemy

    Did I not make it clear I had no concern what others think of me? Did I not make it clear that McGreevy is in trouble for being a corrupt whore not for being gay. My point in the later post was that my life is good and my country comes first. If you felt attacked by me you were badly mistaken. Wait till I attack you before you defend yourself. I have no quarrel with you and am often on the same side as you on many issues. Franky was wondering how I felt about pro-war people (like myself) being homophobic or making negative connotations about it. My explanation was that it is not my concern. I don’t identify with the Governor. He should be removed. Save your aggression for your actual opponents and enemies. I’m not one of them.

  • fact check your ass: the al jazeera website you refer to – – has nothing to do with the kuwaiti based organization you think it is – the one you link to is based out of london – read the fine print