Olympics notes

Olympics notes

: I don’t much give a damn about the Olympics this time around.

: But I am grateful to my wife for pointing out that 6’2″ women’s volleyball player Kerri Walsh was wearing a thong. Indeed.

: This Olympics’ dumb new sport: synchronized diving.

  • Kat

    I think the greatest outrage is the Iranian refusing to compete against the Jew. If the IOC had any balls, they’d kick Iran out….but they will instead attribute this to their culture.
    {A statement by the Iranian National Olympic Committee in Tehran said, “This is a general policy of our country to refrain from competing against athletes of the Zionist regime and Arash Miresmaeili has observed this policy.” }
    Screw Iran.

  • Otter

    I believe the governing body of beach volleyball actually specifies a maximimum size for players’ clothing. Certainly a lot shrewder than the people who run swimming, who have athletes who look like Michaelangelo statues but don’t try to keep them from wearing increasingly hydrodynamic but foolish-looking suits…

  • My wife rather churlishly made the same point. I’m not sure I agree, though, that it was technically a thong. Having just spent ten days on the Cote d’Azur, I feel as though I have a good sense of what thongs should look like, and there was a bit more coverage on Kerri’s suit than one might expect in a thong. Of course, I made none of this argument back to my wife. I just kept my head down.

  • Re: Synchronized diving, it was on at one point when I woke up with the television going…egad.

  • John

    God did make beach volleyball uniforms — and beach volleyball spikers — for leg men, didn’t he?

  • BillG

    Think synchro diving is dumb? Just wait – a phere is partial list of IOC ‘recognized sports’ (sports that have a shot of becoming Olympic sports):
    Automobile Orienteering
    Billiard Sports
    Tug of War

  • Faramin

    Yeah Kat, Iranian WORLD CHAMPION should have entered the match, kicked the hell out of the guy who had no chance what so ever against the Iranian, grabed the gold medal AGAIN, then dedicated the medal to the oppressed Palestinians.
    BTW, screw you Kat not Iran.

  • Adam

    Actually, I believe synchro diving was in Sydney, as well.
    I heard an NBC bobblehead say today “The Chinese athletic system is so precise, these two divers were brought together for the specific purpose of winning gold in this event.”
    WHAT? They chose the best athletes in an attempt to WIN! How sinister!

  • Faramin-
    The Olympics are supposed to be apolitical. If you enter an event, you are expected to compete with every other athelete that also is entered; regardless of which ancient texts the two contestants may (or may not) revere.
    Not everyone one is a world caliber competitor. IIRC, there was a Saudi boy that entered in the platform diving event and did poorly (compared to Greg Louganis and company), but he had the unique opportunity to represent his country.
    Assuming the Iranian was still good enough to win the gold, then he either should have fought the Israeli, or he shouldn’t have bothered entering.

  • come on – its not that bad….what other sport can you watch two good looking people spin around upside down in very little clothing?
    ok…sorry…i’m sleep deprived after watching it all last night….

  • JE

    It’s nice to see some people are waking up to the irrelevance of sports in the grand scheme of things…hmmm 2 soldiers killed in Iraq today…or synchronized goat herding…

  • hen

    Ah Faramin – The pro terrorst Iranian A hole who has circe jerks with Robert McNobrain. It’s so nice to see people openly supporting anti semitism and anti Israeli sentiment.
    Hey Faramin – Are you familiar with the pledge all athletes are required to take prior to the Olympics? The entire Iranian team should have been told “Thanks for coming, see you in 4 years, maybe”. But like most anti semitic scumbags this “athlete” was probably afraid to get his ass kicked by a Jew. Altho, you would think the Arab world would be used to this by now.
    Hold on let me wipe away a tear for the “oppressed Palestinians”. Boo hoo. What’s wrong, can’t they get enough c-4 to blow up Jewish orphanages?
    Jeff – Synchornized diving has been an Olympic sport for some time now. I believe since at least 84, but i could be mistaken.

  • Rance

    This is very educational stuff. Today I learned from an NBC announcer that “Athena is the patron saint of Athens” and that after being drubbed by Puerto Rico “Today the U.S. team isn’t even the best team on the continent.”

  • visitor

    I wish you had at least educated yourself about the fact that Iranians are not Arabs, before making comments about them (not that anything is wrong with Arabs).
    Also, you are criticizing the Iranian for being openly anti-semetic and anti-Isareli, yet you yourself make a comment such as “….But like most anti semitic scumbags this “athlete” was probably afraid to get his ass kicked by a Jew. Altho, you would think the Arab world would be used to this by now”.
    Which side of your mouth do you speak with?

  • hen

    Visitor – I am familiar with the bile that comes out of Faramin. You are clearly not. I am aware that Iran is a Persian, not Arab country, but for purposes of their political leanings they might as well be. How about i just refer to them as another anti semitic “Muslim” country? Would you prefer that?
    What about my comment is wrong? Saying this “athlete” is afraid of getting his ass kicked is not racist, anti Arab/Persian or anti Muslim, is it?
    But it is nice to see that you are more bothered by my comments then by the anti semitic actions and defenders that i am addressing. Very telling.

  • While I agree with Jeff (for once) in that I found the synchronized diving pretty lame, I’ll give NBC props for broadcasting the medal competition even though the US didn’t make it through the qualifing rounds.

  • Rachel

    To the guy commenting about where our priorities are, let me ask you this…have you read the rest of the blog?

  • *I* think sync diving is fantastic! I wish I could have seen more replays of the Chinese guy flubbing it — their previous (#1 leading) attempts were so perfect.
    24 years ago I reduced my watching (Carter refused to let Americans go to Moscow); have seen little since. Sport is part of the bread and circus — yet it’s also a celebration of peaceful competition. I like the peaceful part, even vs. reps from dictatorships or countries committing genocide that have their regimes changed (Gimme an S a U …)
    But ultimate Frisbee, without refs, won’t be a sport… too bad.

  • sickles

    Once again, Jeff Jarvis lapses into knee jerk language “I don’t much give a damn about the Olympics this time around.” because you know, he’s a cool and forward guy and the Olympics are sooo yesterday like the “old media”…
    Sychronized diving I thought was pretty awesome and the thought of putting tug of war in the Olympics is a great idea as would be dodgeball (one can only hope and pray).
    Once again, a commentator like Jeff Jarvis makes a stupid sweeping comment ridiculing the ENTIRE Olympics when there is a ton of really good sport there if you’re willing to have an open mind like Mr. “new media” Jeff Jarvis…