Down and down we go…

Down and down we go…

: Golan Cipel is looking so bad he’ll make McGreevey look good. The latest:

A man who said New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey sexually harassed him was pushing for a cash settlement of up to $50 million before the governor decided to announce he is homosexual and had an extramarital affair, sources said.

Golan Cipel’s demands also included a last-minute push to have McGreevey’s administration approve development plans for a private medical college in the state, two senior members of the administration said Saturday. Both sources spoke on condition of anonymity….

The school’s board members include Charles Kushner, a real estate developer who gave millions to Jewish organizations and politicians, including Mr. McGreevey and former U.S. senator Robert Torricelli (D-N.J.).

: Cipel says he never did it with the gayGuv and that he’s straight.