McGreevey out!?!

McGreevey out!?!

: NJ Gov Jim McGreevey is quitting today. More to come later. I will link you to everything on

: The Statehouse Forum has the hints to what’s coming.

: The reason, you’ll learn soon, is incredible.

: Here’s the breaking news blog; they’ll be on top of this huge story.

: NJ101.5 radio is saying that it’s not 100 percent he will step down. The TV stations are hedging like mad.

: Here’s the WABC report.

Let’s put it this way: It’s not a campaign finance scandal.

: It’s dripping out: Golan Cipel is reportedly going to file a sexual harrassment claim against McGreevey.

Cipel was, with great controversy, appointed as state anti-terrorism chief early in the administration.

: For reference only, here’s a link to

: Let’s put it this way: You Soprano’s fans will remember the surprise about this guy on the Sopranos. A Jersey trend in the making.

: Says

If McGreevey were to resign before September 15, New Jersey would have a special gubernatorial election on November 2, 2004. If he were to resign after that date, Codey would hold the office until the end of McGreevey’s term in January 2006.

: The Statehouse Forum says that McGreevey’s mysterious broken leg is related. Rumors….

For the record, so far, all this is rumors and reports.

: The background on Cipel is that he was hired by McGreevey to be head of homeland security for the state — even though he had no experience in that (other than being an Israeli).

Overheard in my office: “This is worse than banging your intern.”

: The press conference is much delayed. Wonder whether they’re sedating McGreevey… or bribing his wife.