Throw the book at ’em!

Throw the book at ’em!

: ChangeThis is touting its manifestos before they’re published (as PDFs) and is apparently going with the 9/11 Commission strategy for defense against terrorists: libraries.

We signed on Jessica Stern, who is a lecturer in public policy at Kennedy and served on Clinton’s NSC.

Instead of studying the roots of terrorism from an office in America, Jessica went to the source–Pakistan, India, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, and Indonesia. For five years she interviewed terrorist groups, from extremist seminaries in India and Pakistan to refugee camps in Lebanon to Christian cults in Texas.

She found that terrorism has become a way of life, a profession, that no amount of bombing can change. The War on Terror needs to be a battle for terrorist’ minds, not for their camps and ammunition depots.

That’s right. If you load up a car with books from the library, you can’t fit in a bomb.