One last Clinton book post


One last Clinton book post

: Many yearn for a Clinton. Look at the lines to get his autograph.

: Update: I just wandered by the Barnes & Noble on Fifth Avenue to catch the scene. It’s raining hard. But people are standing in line and have been for hours just to see Clinton. I followed the line around. It stretches from the entrance on Fifth at 48th Street all the way down 48th to Sixth, up Sixth to 49th, and all the way back 49th to Fifth again: around the entire city block, three of four thick. And those are just the people who got wristbands to let them in; I have no idea how many were turned away. I snapped the shot above with my camera phone.

There were TV crews and drowned-rat photographers and radio and print reporters trying to mine their nuggets for stories. The pictures will tell this story.

: When I was a kid, my mother took my sister and me to Richard Nixon’s signing of My Six Crises (he hadn’t stopped counting yet) at John Wanamaker’s in Philly. No line. Nobody cared.

Compare. Contrast.

: I bought the audio version of My Life this morning and started listening on the way to work. More later. See, I lied. It’s not the last Clinton book post….