: Henry Copeland busts the Boston Globe’s Hiawatha Bray…

…who wrote in a March 2002 article for the Boston Globe that “blogging is an ephemeral fad, destined to burn itself out in a year or two.” The original article has disappeared into the Globe’s archives, but its trace is here. Isn’t it time to revisit that prediction Hiawatha?

A reporter with balls would eat crow publicly.

: UPDATE: Henry adds in the comments:

Turns out I need to eat a little crow too. As Corvidophile Ken Layne noted in my blog’s comments, Bray actually wrote on June 1 in the Globe: “Over the past two years, blogging has gone from an eccentric hobby to a powerful new form of journalism.” Quite an about face. Sadly, no recognition by Bray or the Globe of the prior failed prediction, but at least Bray has now climbed aboard the bandwagon. Bad news for blogging?