Nanny government: You are what you don’t eat

Nanny government: You are what you don’t eat

: As upset as I get over the FCC’s efforts to nanny us, I will admit they’re damned libertarians compared to the looney Euronuts. There’s a movement to ban advertising of junk food:

European legislation would be needed to impose an effective ban on junk food advertising, according to a public health specialist.

Dr Geof Rayner, the former chairman of the UK Public Health Association (UKPHA), said that a national ban on television commercials that promote junk food, such as burgers and fizzy drinks, would be ineffective because of widespread and growing access to satellite TV.

His comments came after the Commons health select committee today recommended a voluntary ban on TV commercials promoting unhealthy food in a damning report on Britain’s obesity epidemic.

Idiots. It’s not junk food you want to ban. It’s excess. Is a peanut bad for you? No. Is eating two pounds in a sitting every day bad for you? Yes. But we wouldn’t want any fizz in Europe.