Odds & odds

Odds & odds

: A few more odd moments from the day so far…

: I sat next to Tina Louise at The Week’s lunch. Nothing more to say about that. I just think it’s about the coolest name-dropping I’ve ever done here.

: Spent some time catching up with John Gibson, a friend from our mutual long-long-ago in San Francisco and a very nice guy. He explained what happened in Britain (see the previous post): He called the BBC a bunch of liars on the air in Britain and there were complaints against him for violating a law — a law — that he says forbids newscasters from giving opinions in the UK. God bless our First Amendment. Thank God for the Revolution.

: Michael Fuchs, ex head of HBO, said afterwards that he put George Carlin’s special, complete with dirty words, on cable twenty-odd years ago and he can’t believe we’re still huffing and puffing about it this many years later.

: Michele Malkin, the columnist, said as she left that she likes this blog. What a strange if wonderful world this is. That should be the other way around: kooky Internet guy goes up to big-time print person. Times are a’changin.