: The familiy redeemed itself with tonight’s episode.

  • Sydney Carton

    They’ve also suffered a loss: One less hot babe. A replacement is obviously necessary. I think their ratio was down to 1 hot babe for every 50 fat, balding men.

  • best line: this is f–ing weird.
    although quoting springsteen was pretty unexpectedly awesome.

  • Tim

    That’s all anyone wants — a good whacking. This dream sequence stuff is crap. Is it just me or does it look like Phil is going to go after Carmela?

  • Eric

    Who got it?

  • PJ

    Great writing and acting (esp. Ade and Christuffa) and the great unraveling has begun.
    Who quoted Springsteen??

  • Mke

    I thought tonight was great (though a bit choppy), but last week was a fun way to start Tony’s true mental failings. Jeff was wrong to criticize it.