Has it been 15 minutes?

Has it been 15 minutes?

It’s an avalanche of Nick Denton publicity.

Wired (on sale but not yet online) has a well-written story by Newsweeks’ Steven Levy with a nice photo of Nick and Choire and Ana Marie. Cute snarks about Nick’s big head (literal, not figurative). If you already know the Denton saga, there’s nothing new here but then that’s why God invented magazines, to fill in those who don’t know it yet.

And then Business 2.0 has an odd nonprofile profile by Greg Lindsay. It sets out to be the story about not getting the story — because Nick, at first, refused to be interviewed — but then Nick does answer questions and so it’s no longer the story about not getting the story. And then it’s skeptical about Nick’s skepticism about how rich blogs can become and I’m not sure how to read that double negative: Is Business 2.0 skeptical about blogs or is it blowing up the blog bubble or is it just that it can’t decide?

And then Nick responds with an added dose of skepticism. It becomes a triple negative.

Arrrgh. It’s not that big a business story. Nick, as Nick will be the first to insist, is not yet that big a business story. It’s early; blogs as a lifeform are just getting around to crawl out of the ocean and breath. They will be a business but not yet.

By the way, I spoke with both writers about Nick but, thankfully, I wasn’t quoted saying anything that will later come back to haunt me (I reserve that for this space).