CanCat fight

CanCat fight

: Canadian media ladies unleash claws.

First swipe: Toronto Star scribe Antonia Zerbisias saying that warbloggers are silent lately (I hardly hear the quiet, do you?) and using this as an opportunity to claw Relapsed Catholic:

The warblog drums are growing silent.

They’re either running out of time, or money, or steam

  • Paul

    Kathy, I like your style! At least there’s one citizen of Canuckistan who’s head’s attached to the proper end of their spine.

  • Franky

    I think instead of them being silent, in fact most warbloggers continue to rabbit on without one honest reflection on what they supported and how it was a tissue of lies. Of all the prominent supporters of the war in the blogosphere I haven’t seen one that genuinely pondered what happened, instead they’ve just gone super defensive, attacking with ever more ferocity the critics of the war.
    Look at Instapundit who correctly has been demanding accountability from Boston Globe over the scandal of the fake rape pics. Where’s his apology for being part of the larger movement that took us in to a unnecessary war?

  • Can I just ask what the hell a “cakewalk in the sand” even is, and why this woman still has a TorStar column (but they fired me)? :-)

  • Andy

    Seems that the Straw argument style is not limited to those who lunch in NYC or of the Lefty Coast. “cakewalk in sand” will join many other phrases never uttered by gleefully proven false as another expert with lines (or minutes) to fill dissects comments heard over food and drink.
    This lets us know that they are associating with people who THINK BIG THOUGHTS and don’t mind sharing them.
    It seems they have fallen for the same shallow arrogance as our own media. Perhaps that is why the career path for so many leads from Canada to American prime time. There are not very many Americans doing prime times news, commentary or columns in the frozen north.

  • Kat

    Antonia is the same lady who was very upset when hezbollah was finally put on the terrorist list in Canada. She claimed the reporter who quoted a hezbollah terrorist lied. Washington Post was supposedly suing her–but I never bothered to follow the story. She hates bloggers because she doesn’t like the lies she writes to be questioned–it makes brainwashing a heck of a lot harder. She truly believes that there is only one point of view–hers.

  • Franky, why should Glenn Reynolds apologize for being “part of the larger movement that took us in to a unnecessary war” (sic) as long as he believes (as I do) that this position was not wrong and this war was not “unnecessary”? Just because you say so doesn’t make it God’s own truth. You antiwar people seem unable to accept the idea that other people may legitimately have a different position on this matter without being totally evil. Instead you whine that you “haven’t seen one that genuinely pondered what happened, instead they’ve just gone super defensive, attacking with ever more ferocity the critics of the war” — an assheaded thing to say, since what have “warbloggers” been doing over and over if not trying to explain why they believe what they say?
    Your side wants “proof” that everything will turn out perfect before you’ll give these efforts a gold star. Well excuse me Mrs. Grundy, but this isn’t your classroom and we aren’t your recalcitrant pupils that you have a right to instruct and test. Besides, you are asking us to do the impossible, which is to prove something will happen, something none of us have claimed to be able to do. For one thing, some proof that we were right will not come about until all the results are in, in the future. It is entirely possible that we were mistaken, but that can’t be said with any certainty at this time. For another thing, we get the sense that there is nothing, not even the complete transformation of the Middle East into a peaceful, prosperous region bound by the rule of democratic law, that would ever satisfy you. Twenty years hence you’ll be sitting at home with your backs to the wall like Billy Joel’s Angry Young Man, fondling your old newspaper clippings.
    And you have the fricking nerve to state that we have not “genuinely pondered what happened.” You know, I might just as well say to you: talk to the goddamn hand, Mr. European, and go ponder the history of your own blood-soaked continent before you ever dare lecture us on pondering any goddamn thing Americans and those who ally with her do.
    This attitude, not any legitimate, carefully-considered, mindful-to-the-consequences oppositional opinion, is what pisses us off about the antiwar contingent. Just so you know.

  • Skeej

    Zerbisias is the Dowd of Canada.

  • hen

    Andrea – Trying to debate logically with Franky is like teaching a pig to ice skate. Lot of noise, shit everywhere and most likely bruised knees.
    My advice is to ignore his painful idiocy.

  • Mike G

    “without one honest reflection on what they supported and how it was a tissue of lies”
    Yes, now that we know that Saddam never killed anybody, we should sure wise up.

  • Angelos

    OK, sure, many leftist columnists are shrill and annoying. Occasionally, one of Dowd’s one-liners makes me laugh, but that usually doesn’t compensate for the rest of her lame, and oft-repeated, devices.
    But please don’t tell me the hawk editorialists are any better! My paper fortunately carries a nicely balanced mix throughout the week, and only if you are blindly partisan yourself can you say that one group of writers is better or more correct than the others. They all just spew the propaganda they’re fed from their “side”.
    So if these two chicks want to snipe at each other like they’re 15, fine, enjoy the show. But let’s not pretend that either one of them is more right than the other.
    In the final analysis, just who are Bush and his henchmen saving us from? Does anyone really believe that the greater Muslim world will be anything other than a clusterfuck? Will terrorism ever stop? Will this year-plus war prevent future attacks in the US? Or anywhere else? No. Especially when even our “allies” like Saudi Arabia oppress half their people every day.
    I’m as glad as most Iraqis that Saddam is gone. Not so glad that we’ve picked up the slack on his prisoner abuse regimen. But if you remember, they didn’t sell this abortion of a war on freeing the Iraqi people. They sold us protection from WMD.
    This administration has been a lie since day 1, and it’s been bought hook line and sinker, no thanks to the American media. Apparently, the Canadians aren’t doing too much better.

  • Franky

    “why should Glenn Reynolds apologize for being “part of the larger movement that took us in to a unnecessary war” (sic) as long as he believes (as I do) that this position was not wrong and this war was not “unnecessary”?”
    Because, Andrea, the reasons he advocated have proved false. There was no threat to US/UK etc. and he ridiculed those people who argued against such a threat (I’m using Glen as a representative, nothing particulalry against the man himself). There were no WMDS as many people suggested there weren’t, again only to be ridiculed. There was no link with 9/11, remember how the war-bloggers chortled over how when Saddam’s files were opened, the history of collussion with Al-Queda was going to flood out.
    Let’s be clear of my criticism. Warbloggers stated a number of reasons for supporting the war, most of which revolved around the reasons listed above. Now, if you want to continue to support the war and claim all along that you did it for the Iraqis (sorry, but I always have to stifle a giggle when I hear that one quoted), then fine. What I do object is to dishonestly pass to new reasons without ever once questioning what happened to the original reasons. And further I think all of you are damaging our political process by not demanding accountability. If future administrations know there’s no price to pay for getting us in to war for the wrong reasons,m then God help us.
    “we get the sense that there is nothing, not even the complete transformation of the Middle East into a peaceful, prosperous region bound by the rule of democratic law, that would ever satisfy you.”
    I’ve been a lot more interested in this coming to the Mid’East than most of the people on your side. While Rummy was shaking hands with Saddam (now we all remember that), while the govt was arranging loans to Saddam after the use of WMDs, people like me were opposing all these tinpot dictators.
    “Mr. European, and go ponder the history of your own blood-soaked continent before you ever dare lecture us on pondering any goddamn thing Americans and those who ally with her do”
    Hey it’s the latest excuse in the warbloggers arsenal: well at least we didn’t torture them as bad as Saddam, hey at least we didn’t have as many wars as the Europeans, hey at least we didn’t kill the tutsis, hey blah blah bnlah.

  • Franky

    Hen the liar,
    We have nothing to discuss, so keep my name out your mouth and I’ll do the same.

  • Mike

    I imagine Angelos and Franky have chosen to ignore the reports about the Sarin and Mustard gas shells found in Iraq in the past 2 weeks. Both of which Saddam stated he did not posess.

  • Franky

    Surely the fact that they were used in such small quantities now and only used now rules out that they were part of a large stockpile of WMDs held by the former regime. Since this war ended, God only knows where this stuff has slipped in from. From what I understand, neither is particularly difficult to produce (in fact, I know Mustad gas is very easy to manufacture)

  • rivlax

    Boy, this Zerbisias chick must be some fat lady. I’ve seen at least three references to her size.
    Oh, and Franky has definitely quaffed the Kook-Aid. Don’t try to convince him.

  • Mike

    Of course you would ask if this stuff just slipped into Iraq from somewhere else, admitting otherwise would damage your argument against going to war and would actually disprove the whole Bush lied thing. It couldn’t have been from the mass stockpiles of chemical weapons that Saddam had before we deposed him. It was speculated that the individual that made this roadside bomb from the artillery shell didn’t know what was inside of it.
    The question you should be asking Franky is who knows how many other artillery shells from Saddam’s stockpiles are currently in the hands of the insurgents?

  • onecent

    Franky, give BUSH LIED a rest and move on. History will be the final judge if he did, which I doubt, and whether it mattered in the grand scheme of things. I have no interest in arguing the merits with you.
    Somewhere in a nursing home an aged Franky is boring to tears his dinner companions by perseverating on the ROOSEVELT SET UP PEARL HARBOR conspiracy theme of his youth. No one cares. Things turned out for the better. A great evil was vanquished. Peace has held in Europe for 60 years. Save yourself old Franky’s fate. Or at least wait until Oliver Stone does the BUSH LIED movie then you’ll have some real material to come back at us with.

  • garth

    onecent: “give it a rest”? what kind of bull is that? Proves again the “right’ can’t handle it’s own medicine.
    quoting my favorite piece of urban info (on a big banner hanging from a freeway overpass), thanks to Bush “We’re all wearing the blue dress now.”

  • onecent

    Garth, you’ve had your one minute of comment fame with such a snarkily coy, but innane, bumper sticker throw-away line. It matches Franky’s BUSH LIED in poverty of content.
    The only fools befitting Monica’s dress(really, not the cleverest of metaphors)are the hypocrite feminists who never publically savaged Clinton for his piggish behavior towards women, Monica being a symbol of that. But, if you feel you are wearing Monica’s blue dress, Garth, I’ll accept that as a form of atonement on Clinton’s behalf.

  • Franky

    Jesus christ, just when I think there might be rationality in the world, along comes onecent “your government manipulated you in to a war that has turned the world against us, providing fodder for countless more cells of terrorists around the world, but DON’T WORRY”.
    At least the truth is finally out about what so many of these pro-war people: they don’t care if they get lied to or not.
    the scary thing is that you have a vote, I can only hope that the entire procedure will turn out to be too complicated and you’ll end up with ballot in hand at the local Dunkin Donuts.
    Mike, I speculated that because we haven’t seen this before, makes me think there’s not a lot and didn’t come from stocks in Iraq, because we would’ve seen them before. So now I’ll ask you: if these are from Iraq, why weren’t they used before?
    It seems the borders are porous when we want to invade Syria, and locked-tight when we need to help out the administration.

  • Well. At least you can make a pig into nice things like bacon eventually. There seems to be nothing that one can do with a Franky.

  • Mike

    Franky, if you had read the articles about the sarin and mustard shells you would realize that the commanders (allied and Iraqi) think the insurgents didn’t know what they had and may have more of it and don’t know it. That could be why we haven’t seen it. Or they could be keeping that information quiet so as not to give other insurgents the idea of using whatever shells they have in a possible chemical attack.
    It’s just speculation, but I think its a lot more likely than the whole Bush lied to lead us into his personal vendetta of a war.

  • O’McSomething

    Reynolds had a cold or had to hang w/the kids, Lileks had to use his vacation days and was just plain tuckered-out, Vodkapundit was working on his wet bar, Sullivan announced he was going somewhere, small-victory Michelle was upset that wonkette is better and more popular than she is, Tim Blair is absent on some excuse, and even ol’Pej was off doing something for a while. The silence from the warbloggers and their fellow travelers on the subject of Abu Ghraib was deafening. Hell, I thought the rapture must have got them or something and I was picturing all these piles of very unstylish clothes draped over their still-smokin’ keyboards. Hadn’t been so quiet on the warblogger beat since the summer of aught two, when Brent Scowcroft came out with his prescient WSJ Op-Ed piece–Don’t Attack Saddam”. They got a little ripple going when Micah Wright was caught in a lie. Course then there was the beheading of Nick Berg. That seems to be the only thing to have brought them out of their shells and back to life. They got all fluffed-up making ridiculous comparisons of the torture to the beheading. Sick. Comparing our good soldiers to terrorists. The “moral high ground” folks have suddenly set the bar very low. Haven’t been everywhere today, but doubt they’ve written much about the recent Hersh article or the chain of command, or anything at all about Alberto Gonzales’s trashing of the “quaint” Geneva Conventions (a least we know that guy will never be nominated, much less confirmed, for any Supreme dreams). So much for the news that’s fit to blog. Hacks. Sorry folks. The age of the warblogger is over. And it wasn’t very golden.

  • Silence? Excuse my quip about you being stoned; your idiocy appears inborn. Allow me:
    All of Instapundit’s posts mentioning Abu Ghraib.
    All of Tim Blair’s posts mentioning Abu Ghraib.
    The Command Post (Where Michele — on “l” by the way — posts most of her war stuff now) on Abu Ghraib.
    Andrew Sullivan, not saying very many nice things about the tortures of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib.
    And so on and so on and so on.
    There’s these things called “links” as well as this thing called “searching” which you seem unable or disinclined to do, along with this thing called “reading” and this thing called “thinking.”
    Oh, but enough snark. You read as well as I do. What you mean by “deafening silence” is “not saying what I want to hear.” I get the feeling that that is “beat me daddy!” without the following “eight to the bar!”

  • That should have been “Michele, one ‘l'” by the way… sont des mots qui vont tres bien ensemble….

  • onecent

    So, you got a 24/7 blog, O’Mc, or you just get pissed when speed-clicking the sites you come up empty? Feeling stood up? Could be that the above mentioned bloggers aren’t there just for you. They may have lives.
    “fellow travelers”…..”the rapture”……”still-smokin’ keyboards”……got that Hunter Thompson mojo going, I see.
    You spew so much that isn’t reasoned, the hyperbole tells me that any five anti-Bush bumper stickers strung together is your full repertoire of thinking.

  • hen

    I stand corrected – Pork “the other white meat” comes from pigs; Franky offers nothing of value whatsoever.
    Ahh is wittle Fwanky upset wid me? Tsk tsk.

  • chastisedgyrationsroundest