: Atrios appears to be unemployed and so he’s asking for money. I’d always understood — rightly or wrongly — that much of the reason for his cloak of anonymity was his job. With that gone, I wonder whether he’ll now reveal himself like the rest of us.

: UPDATE: Atrios replies in the comments:

reasonable chance you’re correct. though, we’ll see.

Advantage of revealing yourself: Somebody can meet you for a beer.

  • Andy

    Shouldn’t there be a “Tides Foundation” who can act as administrative support for fund raising blogs? Getting the 527 or 501(c) certification, receiving money, doing the public filings, reporting to FEC, SEC, PTA, etc. Sending forms to support tax deductability of non-profits etc.
    This could be a wonderful way for intellectuals, dilletantes, wastrels, and vagabonds to receive funding for their wit and the Noble Giver to receive a Handy Tax Deduction.
    The Evil Rich can get even richer while supporting persons and causes far and wide. The real financial opportunity will be to act as the central point of administration, collection and distribution for the many-many-many-many needy and noble causes.
    American Ingenuity and Capitalist Enterprise have found a way to create income without applying for an opening. This is a GREAT COUNTRY-!

  • He can always say if he revealed his identity that he’d be hindered in getting a new job in his industry, or that he’d make himself a target when he did get a new job. I have some sympathy for that position.

  • Atrios

    reasonable chance you’re correct. though, we’ll see.

  • Trump

    wow, a piece of sh*t like Atrios unemployed? Sometimes good things do happen to crap people…

  • Isn’t McDonald’s hiring in his area?

  • Dexter Westbrook

    No, but Wal-Mart is.
    I understand Halliburton has some good jobs in Iraq.

  • There’s an article in today’s Washington Post about a family who recently decided that the husband would take a job with Halliburton despite the April events.

  • Mike G

    “the cushy employment situation which has allowed me to maintain this blog as I have is winding down. This is somewhat due to choices I’ve made, so I’m not crying victim here. But, basically, it’s time in my life for a career change.”
    Hmm, fits Rumsfeld, doesn’t it? Although I always suspected Colin Powell.

  • John

    So does this mean Atrios was a member of the cast of “Friends”?

  • O’McSomething

    Advantage of revealing yourself: Somebody can meet you for a beer.
    Do I detect the wind blowing in another direction? Watch out, Jeff. Drink to much beer with Atrios and you might have to piss a lot. But if you became drinking buddies then you could form a coalition, and call yourselves—the Coalition of the Pissy!
    That’s right folks! You heard it hear first. Noted vichy-liberal applies for card-carrying membership to the Coalition of the Pissy.
    Ahhh! Remember those heady days? “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the COTP?” Your finest hour.

  • Thomas Ware

    Downside to “outing” yourself, one i know all too well – you set yourself up for every ignorant freeper out there, to the point of dropping out, becoming merely a consumer rather than contributor.

  • hugh macleod

    Heh. I remember the good ol’ days, when a month-long ad on Atrios cost $120. Now it’s what, $300 a week?
    Atrios makes plewnty of money, from what I can tell.

  • BUck

    Boy, some of you sound really bitter. Snarking on Atrios just because he’s overexposed as bloggers go is so … so … normal human behavior I guess.

  • O’McSomething

    Ahh-ha! Atrios gets that much for ads? No wonder Jeff is so interested in hanging with him. The Warbloggers (Fighting 101st Keyboard Warriors) are soooooo last year…..

  • Er, McO, you do know that every so-called vanished, has-been “warblogger” has roundly slammed Zerbisias for, among other things, apparently being unable to comprehend the difference between taking a week or two off due to various real-life needs, and vanishing shamefully into oblivion. I sure hope none of her — and I guess, your — coworkers ever spend longer at lunch than they usually do; god only knows the silly speculations and claims you’d make.

  • onecent

    McO, why not stay on topic, as I see it, a blogger gets pink slipped(whatever) from his cushy job(his admission), then panhandles for money from his site.
    Jeff has a point that, perhaps, as a beneficiary of money gifts for household expenses Atrio’s might reveal his identity. When giving to charity, or even extended family in need, most of us appreciate some basic details from the beneficiary like who they are. It was a musing, specific to that point, on Jeff’s part. Am I being linear enough for you? Or even when following my sentences does some other image flash through your brain? “COTP”? “Those heady Days” of……? Whatever?

  • O’

    Timing is everything, Andrea. See above. Or not.

  • O’

    Oops! Sorry–Seebelow.

  • Er yeah, I know about the post below; I commented to it. I just wondered if you knew about the post below. That you did makes your comment even more idiotic. Seriously, are you stoned or something?

  • yabbadabbadoo

    Of course, we know that Andrea Harris doesn’t need a job, because her pimp lets her keep most of her $20 tricks.

  • O’

    Andrea–Actually, I didn’t see the post below until after I already commented here this afternoon. Check clock times if you are confused. The see below refered to what you wrote at 7:02pm.

  • You’re just mad, Yabba, because I told you I wouldn’t take credit cards.

  • O’

    yabba — That wasn’t necessary. See, I just ignored Andrea’s stoned ref. But if you are bored or something I suggest you go read the NYTimes article about the Cannes Film Fest and M.Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. A few juicy bits:
    The audience at the afternoon gala screening responded with a 20-minute standing ovation that the festival’s artistic director, Thierry Fr