It’s not a generation, it’s an era

It’s not a generation, it’s an era

: An NY Times headline writer tries to be hip and with-it today but gets it wrong:

The Blog Generation Takes Up Its Trowels

This tops a story about young people and wacky city gardens and it happens that one of them blogs, too. But the story is hardly if at all about blogging or a blogging generation.

And here’s the problem: There isn’t a “blogging generation.” That belittles this movement, reducing it to a fad with the youngsters.

Well, look at that picture to the right with the gray beard (which, I’ll confess, is even grayer now; so’s the hair). Check out pix of (no offense, friends) Roger Simon or the ailing (well, maybe it should be a young person’s game) Glenn Reynolds or Rex Hammock (who’s just as old as I’m about to be but doesn’t look it). People of all ages are blogging. It’s not a generational moment. It’s a movement. It’s an era. Damnit.

: Rex wishes I’d pointed to Doc instead. I’ll bet Doc will nominate someone else: Pass the old potato.