Reinventing media

Reinventing media
: At Unmediated, Yatta has a wonderful post re-imagining TV in the age of blogs. Every medium could stand to re-imagine itself in the age of citizens’ media.

1. Start publishing your program schedule as an openly subscribable RSS feed based on the XMLTV format. It will allow folks to publish feedrolls of their favorite TV shows on their blogs. If people like your programming, they’ll spread the word for you. You gain instant karma.

2. Fund Andrew Grumet’s (and other folks’) work to marry BitTorrent, RSS, and TiVos. Make sure it all works with your newly minted RSS feed.

3. Pay someone else to graft the TiVo interface onto a BitTorrent client….

4. Change your advertising model. People don’t like 30-second ads. Move all advertising to product placement…

5. Make it easy for folks to download your programming via BitTorrent. Don’t worry: you’ve embedded your advertising in your programming, remember?…

6. Encourage bloggers to create feedrolls of their favorite TV programs, irregardless of the TV network….

7. Create an Amazon Associates-style revenue sharing program for bloggers who’s readers click through to download an entire episode. Extra commission for those who click on interactive ad links….

How would you re-imagine radio… books… newspapers… TV news…?