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: FCC GETS RATINGS: Ever since the FCC started fining Howard Stern in an attempt to make him the American moral pariah, what do you think has happened to the ratings? Do you think the people took the FCC’s fines as a warning to stay away from filth? Do you think the people agreed with the FCC and decided to shun Stern?

Of course not. The ratings have soared:

Federal regulators may have painted a big bull’s eye on Howard Stern’s back, but the recent government crackdown on indecency over the airwaves has proven a boon to the shock jock’s ratings.

The ribald radio host scored major gains in listenership during the winter quarter ended March 31 in the three biggest U.S. markets — New York, Los Angeles and Chicago — according to figures made public on Monday by the Arbitron radio ratings service.

In Stern’s home market of New York, where his show is broadcast on WXRK-FM, he topped all morning drive-time competition with a 7.2 share in total audience, up 22 percent from the fall quarter and 18 percent from last winter, Arbitron said.