Questioning Bush: Now Bush takes

Questioning Bush
: Now Bush takes questions.

In his talk, he has the manner of a high-school principle: utterly sure, lecturing his audience.

Burl Osborne asks what he says to people who fear we will be hit again by terrorists. Bush says, well, people say Madrid and that’s why they believe we will be hit again. Insert Patriot Act renewal plug.

The questions are prepared and are being delivered by Osborne.

After a long-winded answer about terror, Bush says, “Last question.”

Osborne starts to ask about his opponents stance on Iraq. “I’m not going to talk about my opponent here,” says Bush.

  • Why would Osborne think that Bush is capable of reading minds?

  • Hey . . . why didn’t you ask a question? Now would have been the perfect opportunity to trailblaze the path for the blogger having access to a press conference at such a high level.

  • anon

    Questions were submitted in advance. Bush can’t think on his feet. Journalists shouldn’t enable that by letting his speechwriters gnaw questions for him.

  • Lola

    Well, obviously, you didn’t pay attention to the LIVE press conference held at the White House where he called on these journalists, some of whom were so smarmy with smugness. And the polls went up after that, so obviously he must have done something right . . . like think on his feet.

  • Mike

    Just because the polls went up didn’t mean he did something “right,” Lola. And he certainly didn’t think on his feet.