Blogging Bush: I’m at the

Blogging Bush
: I’m at the AP lunch for Bush.

The head of the AP offered a toast to the President. (Slight ironic chortle.)

He turns to the dias and greets “the politburo.”

He says he will talk to us about maintaining lasting prosperity “and then I’ll be glad to duck some questions.”

He’s talking about what we need to maintain prosperity: a balanced legal system with tort reform… controlling health care costs in consumer hands…

He pushes again for competitive broadband available to every house by 2007. He says we should not tax access. “The federal government should deny taxation to broadband access.” And we need good regulatory policy, he adds.

“We’re lagging a little bit on broadband technology.”

He lists open trade and an energy plan. “I think we need to open up a full-scale debate… I think we need ‘nulclear’ energy…”

Add job-training programs…

“There needs to be permanency in the tax code… We don’t need to be raising taxes right now.”

“If we can ever get rid of the death tax it’ll get rid of 30 percent of the tax code, they tell me.” Applause on that one.

“My job is to like think beyond the immediate,” he says in conclusion.

Oops, then he adds security. “We’re at war. And it’s a different kind of war… There’s no such thing as innocence or guilt… They attacked today in Basra and Riyadh… In this war against this enemy, we must use all our assets…. We must rely on our alliances. And I’ll tell you the cooperation has been good… Alliances are really important in the war against terror. International bodies can be really important in the war against terror if they’re effective. They’re lousy if they’re not affective. We’re in a results-oriented game now.”

On the terrorists: “These guys are tough and sophisticated and smart. We just have to be smarter.”

“We’re making pretty good progress. If al Qaeda were a board of directors, the chairman and vice chairman are still out there but the middle management is gone.”

Bush plugs the movie Osama. “It’s hard for the American mentality to grasp how barbaric the Taliban was was toward woman… So see the movie. It speaks better than I can speak.”

He replays the Iraq story; nothing new there. “The world is better off for it and so are the people of Iraq… Democracy is growing in the heart of the Middle East.”

“I think everybody needs to be free and I think everyone can self-govern.”

He tells about meeting Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi. He likes Elvis. He likes Gary Cooper. “He comes up to me and says, ‘You like Cooper?’ I say, ‘Yeah, I like Cooper.’ Then I finally figured out what he meant.”

On Iraq: “We’re not going to cut and run if I’m in the Oval Office… I believe freedom in the heart of the Middle East is a historic chance to chance the world.”

On Korea: “Different threats are dealt with different ways.”

“The long-term strategy of this government is to spread freedom across the world.” He says a free Iraq and Palestine will be agents of peace.

On Sharon and the pullout: “In my judgment, the world should have said, ‘Thank you, Ariel.'” One person applauds. Bush notes the silence.

“The Palestinian people have failed their people year after year after year.”

  • Giordano

    The Palestinian PEOPLE have failed their PEOPLE year after year?
    Thank you, Sharon? (also for Sabra and Shatila, I guess).
    He’s sanctioning a new holocaust, by speaking like this. This will be his biggest error.

  • And you never stumble over your words? Where do you dwell that I may come to your home to marvel over your grasp upon perfection.
    Fine, he made a mistake. Your brussel sprouts are flawless? Or is an infallible perfection only to be expected of our leaders? Bub, he’s human, he’ll make mistakes. We both know damn well what and who he was talking about. Your complaint is hollow.

  • Umm, yes, Giordano, the Palestinian people have failed their people year after year. They’re very educated – all those money could have gone into building up a viable economy and such. But noooo . . . money goes to pay for a bomb here and there and what has been gained in return?

  • hen

    S&S – Gentiles kill Muslims, Jews get blamed.
    Yes Giordano the “palestinians” have no one but themselves to blame. Oh and your appropriation of the term “holocaust” — beautiful. When the smokestacks rise in Gaza City, please drop me a note. The only people who have a desire to repeat a “holocaust” are those of the Religion of Peace. They supported Hitler during WWII and they support his ideals today. As do their apologists.

  • Wagner

    I’m fascinated by Bush’s praise of *Osama*,
    an all-Pashto art film that’s only playing
    in Los Angeles, New York, the SF Bay Area,
    and a few other cities located in the bluest
    heart of the blue states. Politically speaking,
    he gets no points for this; his strongest
    constituents aren’t likely to see it, and
    those who do see it, are not any more likely
    to vote for him, for having seen it. (I suspect
    his wife’s influence in getting it screened
    in the White House– in 2001, the First Lady
    first broke her self-imposed removal from
    the public debate on political issues, to
    speak out against the Taliban.)
    It’ll be interesting to see if many in the
    mainstream press give any mention of Bush
    citing *Osama*. I very much doubt it, because
    it detracts from the dumb Texan rube persona
    they’ve already fashioned for him, and more key,
    it gives credence to a genuine commitment on his
    part to democratize the Muslim world.

  • Stan

    Can we all agree that Bob Edwards deserves to be replaced? He’s a disaster and removing him is probably one of hte only ways to rejuvenate NPR. I’m not sure I understand all of this moaning from you people.

  • O’McSomething

    Interesting op-ed piece in the NYTimes today.

  • Giordano

    Doesn’t anyone here know what Sabra and Shatila are? Please find out… do a search.
    Doesn’t anyone knows that Ariel Sharon is a murderer of children and women?
    By the way, his son today admitted to shredding documents regarding his father’s corruption.

  • superfly

    Wagner, I agree with your comments about the press, but I went to the movies Friday night to see Hellboy at a non-artsy theater and Osama was playing there. I live in San Antonio, which is both red America and in the heart of Bush country. Now that Bush has endorsed Osama I am much more likely to see the film.

  • Papasan

    This moronic, disjointed “report” is one reason real reporters have less to fear from bloggers than bloggers would like to think.

  • hen263

    Giordano – you are an idiot. Piss off.

  • Reid

    Giordano – search for S&S above and you will find people have commented. If you weren’t so busy feeling smugly superior in your effete European way, you’d find that a lot of us here know far more about this than you.
    Please tell me you’ve decided to stay in your country and not move to California?

  • Jeff, do you remember if Bush said that a nuclear-armed Iran would be “an intolerable threat”? Debka sez so.

  • I liked it more when he said they were “thugs and assassins”
    And yes making it clear that these quotes may not be accurate – or, more likely – that you only typed in the quotes you were sure were accurate would be higly beneficial.

  • Mike

    Bush is gross. To say the Palestinian people have failed their people year after year is such a simplistic yes and no to response to something far more complicated. And Reid, you’re response was unsurprisingly stupid.

  • hen

    Ok Mike i’ll bite — please tell me ONE thing, just one, that the “palestinian” leadership did that benefitted “their people”?
    It’s not complicated at all: The Pally leadership is a collection of motley criminals, terrorists and thugs who have systematically brainwashed and oppressed “the people” all under the guise of protecting them from the evil zionists, and all financed with Saudi and Euro gelt.