Not to be an ass but…

Not to be an ass but…
: Wired reports on Bloggercon and got this wrong:

Another journalist, Jeff Jarvis, former Sunday editor of the Daily News, lamented the loss of having an editor to watch over him.

Jarvis comments on politics on his blog, called BuzzMachine. Without an editor, Jarvis said he has had the complete freedom to become a blowhard.

“I plan on writing an entry soon,” said Jarvis, “which I will call ‘Blogging made me an asshole.'”

Actually, I was lamenting having to deal with an editor again. Blogging has made it impossible for me to play nicely with them anymore. But more on that later. You already know the headline….

  • bob

    When the writer is in direct contact with his readership, there’s no need for an editor to say, “Scratch this paragraph. Add a mention of X here. Do this because it’s what the readers want.”

  • Careful, Jeff. Now that editors can watch your every word, they may decide the best place for them is on your blog, where the rates are just a tad lower.

  • tim appelo

    For most of us, the headline really should read, “Blogging made me!”
    (byline)–An Asshole