Church, state, and brothel

Church, state, and brothel
: Scott Donaton, editor of Ad Age, suggests a new wall between church and state in magazines: one for magazines that try to deliver news, a different wall and set of standards for magazines that deliver entertainment: “Each side could then operate by a standard of editorial integrity judged against the expectations of their respective audiences rather than those of journalistic watchdogs.”

  • Steel Magnolia

    Mr. Donaton says: “Still, there remains a separation between straight news programming and entertainment-division shows.” You could have fooled me. When the t.v. news I’m getting lately isn’t all Trump all the time, it’s all Omarosa. Enough to make you wish they’d bring back Michael Jackson.
    Artificially constructing walls sounds like a pretty fruitless endeavor to me, but I could go for a campaign to eliminate adjectives in “straight news” reporting. Ditto for the “what if” brand of cable news discussions.

  • Dave F

    But then Time and Newsweek would have to declare themselves “entertainment”. Not that there’s anything wrong with that …