At Bloggercon

At Bloggercon
: At Bloggercon. Wifi working. Friends abound. Links follow.

I am behind today because my browser got hijacked by something that goes to addresses. It’s diabolical: I tried to go to Google to look it up but the hijacker took me to a fake Google page that extolls the virtues of hijacking. Evil. But the evilempire, Microsoft, saved me with system restore. So here we go….

: I finally met the other Jarvis (or the real Jarvis met me, the other Jarvis): Critt. Whenever this happens, of course, one asks where the roots are and I’ve never yet found a Jarvis from our neck of the woods, as we say in our neck of the woods.

And dad crimeny, the Critt Jarvises are from Kentucky and West Virginia and the sorts of Appallachian hollers we’re from. I’m sure we’re the black sheep of the family.

  • Jeff, I appreciate the blogging. Here’s what I’ve found about your problem.

  • Jeff, it was fun discovering another high energy Jarvis from the hills :-)
    Here’s a story about my father’s early life a hundred years ago. I hope you enjoy it.