Tweedy sweat

Tweedy sweat
: Bob Costas has Bubba the Love Sponge on his HBO show with three more reputed social critics, two of whom are going after him (Joel Stein of Time is at least realistic about pop culture). Bubba says he respresents many man — the kind of men who watch sports and burp — and he’s real and entertaining. Costas says he does not represent the “prime cut” of men. I’m sorry, but I take that with a block of salt. Costas covers sports. He makes his living glorifying guys who live by testosterone and steroids. It’s fine to dislike Bubba’s act. But this high-and-mighty act about sports is as credible as attempts to make Costas look tall.

  • bob

    These guys are characters, personalities created for the mass viewing audience. Maybe that is who the actors really are, but it’d be an amazing coincidence. Any part of them not appreciated by the public is restrained. Whatever is lacking is added on for effect. And it all comes down to dollars.
    I’m a big fan of Enterprise, but I’m not expecting to bump into T’Pol shopping at Ralphs.
    You’re discussing their entertainment personalities as if that’s who the people are. And if you should take anything away from Stern, it’s the difference between the personality and the person.

  • Yogi Berra

    Ah, Jeff bitching about a major media figure; nothing like a bitter old man in the blogosphere attacking someone of accomplishment. You’re not a tenth of the reporter and person Costas is, Jarvis. Costa’s talk show on HBO isn’t a sports show — if it were, he would not be attacking Bubba the Love Sponge and Joel Stein, for goodness’ sake. Neither was his excellent late-night NBC show.