What’s the frequency, Jeffrey?

What’s the frequency, Jeffrey?
: Enron henchman Jeffrey Skilling goes crackers.

Former Enron chief executive Jeff Skilling reportedly was hospitalized early Friday after police responded to calls saying he was harassing bar patrons on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

A police source said callers claimed Skilling was pulling on their clothes and accusing them of being “FBI agents following me” …

Skilling was at two bars in Manhattan — American Trash and The Voodoo Lounge — where he allegedly pulled open patrons’ clothes, the source told the AP. The bizarre behavior continued in the street, the story said.

  • Mike G

    My dad went a little nuts (or aggravated his manic-depressive behavior) when he was under indictment. (He had a great time in prison though.) The difference was… the only ones who saw him go nuts were his family. This public act of nuttiness to me is like that mobster who wanders around Little Italy in his bathrobe, putting on an insanity defense 24/7. I don’t buy a bit of it.

  • Harry

    Skilling a “henchman”? He was the Big Cheese, wasn’t he?

  • Ga-ne-sha

    I assume ethanol was involved. As it is a drug, anything is possible. I can verify this personally, and from the stories of others. Many are pretty funny.

  • Gabriel Gonzalez

    Are we supposing that the bar patrons were not FBI agents? How could we possibly know?

  • The disruptive force of an indictment on ones life is unexplainable. I’ve seen people who eat their cigars instead of smoking their cigars after an indictment. In reference to checking people out for wires, it is understandable as since the FBI is no longer fighting the communists, they seem to have focused on making every American a criminal…whether you commit a crime or not.

  • from middle america

    Sometimes a man has got to let off a little steam. Mr. Skilling as a Texas Monthly writer noted is kind of a pioneer in his field, you know deregulating energy. He was on the upper East side in NYC but not upper enough. Why didn’t he go up to Elaine’s or Cronies on 2nd Avenue and toast one to the celebrity heavens? His favorite bar story? How he took Enron execs on men-only expedition jaunts to Australia and trashed SUVs and Hemmies. Just bill it to Enron were his instructions. He’s all man. He’s a good man