The Daily Stern

The Daily Stern

: THE NEXT FINE: The Wall Street Journal says Stern is about to get the next fine for as much as $495,000.

: HOLD YOUR HORSES: Republican Senators were trying to push their indecent indecency legislation through on a fast track but they hit a speed bump:

Republican-led efforts to get a quick vote on legislation that would increase fines exponentially for broadcast companies and individuals committing indecent actions on the airwaves appeared to run into trouble Wednesday.

While Senate majority leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., was pushing lawmakers for action, objections by Democrats to a vote with a minimum of debate and lawmakers’ desire to leave town for the annual spring recess make immediate action difficult.

Late Wednesday, Frist aides said that he was still hopeful the Senate could pass the bill before they leave, but aides to other high-ranking senators and lobbyists working on the bill thought enough senators were objecting to a quick vote that the effort would stall.

“I think there are enough senators concerned about it that it won’t go through on unanimous consent,” one lobbyist said….

While the underlying bill raising the fines broadcasters and individuals would pay for indecent broadcasts to a maximum of $500,000 has broad support, there are provisions in it that cause problems.