: John Hawkins at Right Wing News has been digging through the Alexa ratings to find the top political bloggers. But even though Alexa is the only traffic measurement that cuts across all sites — which is a big issue for this new medium if we want to get attention from advertisers and media — it is imperfect, for it measures only those who happen to use the Alexa toolbar. Hawkins still wanted to try to rank influential political bloggers, so he switched to another — and, in some ways, more telling — measure: links. He went to Technorati, Daypop, Blogstreet, and the Truth Laid Bear Ecosystem and counted how many links went to the top 100 political blogs on his list; he weeded out those that didn’t make the top 100 on at least 3 of the 4 measuring tools; he threw out the low score; and then he ranked the 29 influential political blogs left. (I’m flattered that you’ve put me there even though I don’t always write about politics.)

  • Congrats, Jeff. Also Congrats to Megan over at Asymeterical Information (who I buy blogads on all the time).
    It’s amazing how big some of them are getting.
    Instapundit: 2 million uniques a month. 1.5 million uniques a month

  • michael

    Running the risk of being utterly reductive, can someone provide a sense of how these political blogs lean: conservative-bias, balanced, liberal-bias?

  • O’

    Gee — the Right Wing News (throught their fail-safe, scientific, echo-chamber-linking method) picks two right wing blogs as tops and a majority of right wing blogs as influential. Quel suprise. Take it where you can get it baby!

  • Three of the top five are quite liberal, O. Good math.
    Michael: It’s quite a mix. I have heard many say that political blogs started leaning right but that there has been an explosion of liberal blogs lately and I sense that as well.

  • O’

    Atrios doesn’t keep hit-meters, but I’m pretty sure he’s ahead of Sully these days. At least that was the buzz when those two had their little kerfluffle on that NPR/BOPnews radio fight a couple months ago. Should be especially true now. Atrios’s traffic is way up from the exposure at Air America, so I would venture that he gets more hits than Insty these days too.
    BTW–Air America is giving a lot of props to blogging. Why don’t you show them some love for bringing blogging to the mainstream? The bugs are not out yet, but both Franken’s show and Garafalo’s show have blogs and they refer to them throughout the broadcast. Show a little blog-love whydoncha?