: Adam Curry on the changes he saw in Iraq:

I’ve seen first hand what work is being done in Iraq by the dutch troops, and although a different and much less hostile region than near Bagdad, I spoke to enough iraqi citizens in the province of Al Mutana to know that there is a great appreciation for the coalition ending Saddam’s regime and for facilitating the rebuilding of their country. Assuming there is indeed a void that has been created, folks certainly are happier. Not necessarily worse off.

  • john

    Well, I guess that settles it. If Adam Curry has spoken to some Iraqis, it must be true.

  • Oh well, I guess that settles it then: if Adam Curry comments on it, the issue is thereby rendered worthless.

  • “If Adam Curry has spoken to some Iraqis, it must be true.”
    [ignores huge numbers of other reporters/Iraqis/soldiers/NGOs/etc. saying the same thing for the past year]

  • and?

    John and Andrea – so, what do you think is really true? And, please prove it.

  • I think it is really true that God made little green apples and that it does in fact rain in Indianapolis in the summertime.

  • As to proof… well I can’t prove the god/apples thing. (Small green apples exist, but God?) But I’ll bet you that there will be more than a few rainy days in a certain city in a certain Midwestern state this summer.
    By the way, I was mocking John’s dismissive comment — he was implying that a former teevee personality can’t have an opinion on an event worth considering, and that having said former teevee personality comment on an event rendered the event itself unimportant. Clear enough for you?